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Guardian 24291/Gordius

Posted by linxit on January 22nd, 2008


Quite a lot of general knowledge required to complete this one, although the trickier answers all had friendly wordplay so it can’t be accused of unfairness.

1 NICODEMUS (I,consumed)* – Nicodemus was a pharisee.
6 GRI(N)D – in the clue, “in here” refers to the crossword grid.
9 POWDERHAM CASTLE (world team’s cheap)* – never heard of it, but I got CASTLE from the letters and worked the rest out. It’s the Earl of Devon’s home.
21 C(O)UP – an empty vessel is a cup with nothing inside.
25 FULL SPEED ASTERN – nice one-word cryptic definition, but I was held up a little bit by putting FULL STEAM ASTERN. Duh!

1 NIPPY – double definition. A Nippy was a waitress in a Lyons teashop – before my time, but luckily I came across it in the dictionary last week when looking something else up.
2 COWBANE – or “bow,cane” as Spooner would say. A bit contrived I think.
4 MAHE РE. Ham reversed. Mah̩ is the largest island of the Seychelles.
5 SIMON PETER (permits one)* – our second Biblical character of the day.
6 GRAVY TRAIN – cryptic definition.
12 COMPRESSOR (R,composer’s)* – deceptive definition, one of the last I got.
14 PLENTIFUL (fluent lip)* – excellent &lit.
17 TH(ALL)US – I suppose this is &lit. as well. The full definition in Chambers is “a plant body not differentiated into leaf, stem and root.”
19 I(SOME)RE – saved by the friendly wordplay. It’s a zoological term meaning “an organ or segment corresponding to or homologous with another”.
24 IS,LA(bour) – not Tony or Lionel for a change. She’s an actress.

4 Responses to “Guardian 24291/Gordius”

  1. Shirley says:

    18Ac – we liked the definition for this clue (DIE TITIAN), but we feel that this word is more normally spelt with a “C” as DIETICIAN. It’s in the dictionary as both spellings, but it took us ages as we didn’t think TICIAN was an artist!!

  2. Geoff says:

    I also had FULL STEAM ASTERN for 25ac at first, which made 23dn a bit mystifying until I saw the alternative.
    NIPPY as a Lyons Corner House waitress, and POWDERHAM CASTLE were new to me, but I managed to work them out from the wordplay.
    Good variety of clues and vocabulary in this one. Clues for 14ac, 17, 19, 22 all contain a word which is inserted unchanged into the solution. Unusual to have so many.

  3. Pasquale says:

    I haven’t solved this one but I am delighted to see my fellow setter, a retired clergyman living in Devon (my home county), including Nicodemus and Powderham Castle. Interesting vocab (including maybe a word or two you don’t know but which are reasonable) is always a GOOD THING!

  4. Travellerman says:

    Nice blog and I’d like a Seychelles vacation too if there’s one going free?????

    (Live in hope)


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