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Guardian 24292/Paul – The truth hurts: money talks

Posted by ilancaron on January 23rd, 2008


A classic Paulene challenge though no Araucarian cross-refs nor complex multi-word anagrams. But still some charming and clever clues… as per usual I always feel entertained and gratified having solved Paul. Lots of clever cryptic definitions and allusions in the wordplay.


9 HAR(L)E,QUIN – to HARE is to “hurry”.
10 T,RUTH – the def is a CD referring to the “truth always hurts” I suppose. RUTH is “pity” and “climax in excitement” I suppose yields the ultimate T?
11 GA(S LAM)P – SLAM (for “slate”, as in criticize) in GAP
14 COIN,TRE[e],AU – our COIN’s “silver” and a birch is a kind of TREE. I thought this was the weakest clue in terms of surface.
16 STRAPPED FOR CASH – rather amusing CD.
19 POST(NAT)AL – ref. post-partum blues and the POSTAL service.
21 SH,TUM – from the Yiddish for shut up.
22 BR(OM)IDE – it’s a compound and OM is “Order of Merit” and one member of a union could be a BRIDE.
22 TOO,T(S[ore])IE – slang for your toe. TIE is our “relationship”.
25 A(EROP)LANE – rev(pore=opening) in A, LANE.


1 GAME’S UP – two meanings
2 P,R(IS,ONE)R – I suppose “walls of RochesteR” are the first and last letters.
3 L(EG)ACY – what’s left!
4 [p]LUMP
5 UNFRUITFUL – haha. Dates are very useful cryptically as fruits and meetings.
7 PU(MI=rev(I’m))CE – PUCE is a dark purple.
8 WHEE[l]
14 CHEW THE FAT – two meanings, ref. Jack being lean and his wife not so.
15 UNHAMPERED – I suppose if you’ve forgotten your hamper, you’re…
17 PAN(PIP)ES – to PIP someone at the finish line is to “just beat” them… nice.
22 B,RRR – amusing clue. Third of feBruary is B and the 3R’s are what we tried to learn in primary school.
21 S(L)OPPY – soppy (sentimental) and sloppy (moist) are both wet.
23 TART – two antonymical meanings.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24292/Paul – The truth hurts: money talks”

  1. David says:

    14a Jack Spratt’s wife “would eat no lean” – therefore she would chew the fat.

  2. David says:

    (Sorry, 14d!)

  3. Geoff says:

    2dn: I agree that ‘walls of Rochester’ = R R
    Rochester has a Victorian prison, now a detention centre for young offenders, so is this clue an &lit?

    Typically satisfying Paul crossword, with amusing words and clever clues to accompany them (I particularly enjoyed WHEE, SHTUM and BRRR)

  4. ilancaron says:

    i agree with 22D (BRRR) is a nice clue -=- should have blogged it. which i just did. Anyone find it in a dictionary?

  5. Geoff says:

    22dn: Have just checked BRRR – it’s in Chambers: “imitative of shivering with cold”

  6. arthur says:

    re 1down: chips is slang for a ship’s carpenter, as “bones” is for ship’s doctor. plus bound = hop. Hence fish and chip (s) hop

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