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Independent crosswords now online

Posted by neildubya on January 23rd, 2008


The cryptic puzzle is here and the concise/simple puzzle is here.

Each puzzle is currently a day late – so the one on the website right now is yesterday’s Virgilius. Prize puzzles will be published a week late and Friday’s puzzle will appear the following Monday. They’re also not published under a setter’s byline.


5 Responses to “Independent crosswords now online”

  1. Testy says:

    As I mentioned elsewhere, this is great news.

    I guess I will have to try not to look at the answers on this site until after I’ve tackled the crossword the following day.

    Question for Eimi:

    Will you be adding the ability to print the crossword at some point?

  2. eimi says:

    I’m afraid I don’t get to decide the format. I went to the Indy in June last year to make a case for making the crosswords available online, and the reveal letter and reveal word buttons were included at my suggestion, because I thought it would encourage solvers, sometimes giving them the added help they need to finish a puzzle, but ultimately someone else will decide the format.

    I’m glad they can now be accessed by a wider audience, as I think they’re of a very high standard (I would say that, of course), but someone somewhere will have to do a bit of number crunching to decide whether it’s commercially viable to make them available free of charge on a permanent basis and in what format.

  3. muck says:

    I know the Independent cryptic puzzle has a good reputation. Some say it’s better then the Guardian, which I pay to download when away from home. However, I would only enjoy a print version.

  4. ilancaron says:

    Very nice initiative! Also good choice of crossword software (much better to license something tried and true rather than rolling your own in this case).

  5. stilt says:

    Marvelous stuff. A shame the setter isn’t named, though. I don’t mind for myself–it’s easy enough to check who it is here if it’s not already obvious–but surely they deserve the credit (and with the Indie it almost always is “credit” rather than “blame”).

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