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FT 12,674/Bradman

Posted by smiffy on January 25th, 2008


As one has come to expect from Bradman (or any other of his pseuDONyms), flawless technical merit receives a healthy dollop of creative/lateral thinking. ‘Twas ever thus, it seems.

10 L(I)LAC – I in call<
11 O C,A,N,ADA -the eponymous national anthem, that their neighbours to the south seem to find faintly amusing.
13 DNA – and<. The enumeration as (3), rather than (1,1,1) was the most tricky aspect here.
14 HOME STRETCH – a little convoluted, to accommodate the &literacy.  It’s a (multi-element) compound anagram.
17,18,19 THERE SHE BLOWS – shrewd dual-meaning usage of “blubber”.  Why do I suspect this phrase must have seen the light of day in a Private Eye Crossword before….?
21 HIGHT,REASON – Hight is the anachronism for “called”; presumably derived from the Old German.
27 CURRENT – Referencing the SI unit abbreviation (I).

1 A,BROAD – I don’t recall the England pace bowler’s forename right now. I keep getting stuck on Chris, but that was his old man.
2 C,LEAV(AG)E – again, Bradman demurely resists the temptation to audition for Private Eye.
4 PICA – hidden
5 SAINT-SAENS – (sent Asians)*.  One of the lesser-spotted composers in the sphere of crosswords.
7 ALCO(-hol),TT – Louisa May of that ilk.  This took me far too long, given that I live a stone’s throw from where she grew up!
8 A,CAN,THUS – Multim in parvo.
16 ROBIN,GROOM – I’m not sure whether there is a collective “Robing Room” in the Houses of Parliament, or perhaps it’s just a special annexe that the nobility have built at home.
20 ONT,HE,HOP(-e) – 98% sure on this one.  “Sharp” would seem to fit the definition, but I’m a little tentative on the “little woman” element. My best shot being that it’s Hope shortened by a letter.
24 BAT,TEN – as a cricketing tail-ender literally does!

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  1. Bradman says:

    You’re very kind, Smiffy. It’s ON THE DOT – I never saw that alternative!

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