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Independent 6633/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on January 25th, 2008


Having just blogged Nimrod’s Thursday puzzle (6637) I can say that I found this one the easier of the two. I’m not really a big fan of long anagrams and I was lucky to get the two here reasonably early on.

1/9 (AS HOMERS MOTHER FIRST THOUGHT)* – The definition is “to be believed”, which isn’t quite the same thing as STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH but the latter makes the surface reading more readable.
11 FOR in BEE – quite an easy one to get as BEE leapt out as soon as I saw “spelling contest”.
15 hidden in “certaIN CURe-alls”
16 LAST DITCH – Offa has a cropped up a couple of times in recent puzzles so this came to me fairly quickly.
17 (MOST)* in BRINE – BRIMSTONE, which we now called sulphur.
19 H in NI in UP – very devious wordplay: “Type of bomb [H] seen in Ulster [NI] to break up [i.e. NHI in UP] square”.
21 H in SOUL,D
26/27 (HA HA THEY WALK A BUNG ILL-GOTTEN)* – LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. At the time of solving I had my doubts about “merrily” as the anagram indicator but I guess it could be justified as merry = drunk = all over the place?
1 A,HIBS [with the S moved to the top]
2 RARE,FACTION – reasonably easy given that “mediumfaction” isn’t a word.
4 HOME? – not sure if this is right. Clue is “In a way, together. The reverse” – “in” could be the definition but I can’t work out what the rest is doing.
5 (OF TROUPERS)* – FOUR-POSTER. “Sort” is easily-missable as the anagram indicator.
6 (CHOIR DO)* – OCHROID. The last one to go in as this was a new word for me. With O?H?O?D filled in a word ending -ROID seemed a reasonable bet.
14 (B O COULD NOT)* – BLOOD COUNT. “Supply” is the misleading anagram indicator.
18 SO,A in MALI
22 hidden in “cask-conditioneD ALE Kegs” – I think it’s fair to say that you don’t necessarily have to be a Doctor Who fan to have heard of the DALEKs.

4 Responses to “Independent 6633/Nimrod”

  1. beermagnet says:

    I struggled long with 4D HOME until a friend pointed out that “a way” should be read “away”. It is HOME because it is the reverse of AwWAY in the phrase “Home and away”

  2. nmsindy says:

    Yes, I thought it had to be home = in, but did not understand the wordplay. Now, that it’s explained, thanks, I think it’s fair because of the ‘together’ and very good. I struggled with the top two lines before working out the anagram. I would think ‘to be believed’ is OK as a definition of STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH.

  3. petebiddlecombe says:

    I struggled with 1/9 so this took longer than the swords one.
    I didn’t think of ‘away’ and got 4D wrong though.

  4. Jim Woods says:

    15 down omitted. In Bad Part – where ham (i.e. bad actor) isn’t to one’s liking

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