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Azed 1860

Posted by linxit on January 27th, 2008


Solving time 47:10, with one clue left (which I eventually got while writing this blog entry).

This one was split roughly half and half between entries using familiar vocabulary and those that had me thumbing through the dictionary. So a pretty good mix. There are still a couple of answers for which I don’t understand the wordplay (19a, 25d).


1 CREESH – CREES (softens by boiling) + H(ot). A Scottish word for grease.
8 SPED – S (last letter of Christmas) + PED (a dialect word for a pannier or hamper).
12 HOMELYN – HOMELY + N – a name for the spotted ray.
13 DAUTIE – a Scottish word for darling. Who knows what those politicians get up to!
14 PAUPER – U (widely viewed, cinema rating) inside PAPER, slightly strained &lit.
15 GOON – two meanings, the second for GO ON.
16 LITERARY AGENT – (yet regal train)*
19 GENERAL – it has to be the right answer, but I can’t see why! The clue is “For which I, ratty, will get upset with this top soldier (7)”. Any ideas? [ Refers back to 16. Anagram of LITERARY AGENT minus (I, ratty). Thanks, Andrew ]
20 SPOUSE – P in SOUSE. Old word for “to marry”.
21 PARKEE – ARK in PEE. Same as a parka.
23 TRIGLOT – TRIG (Scottish for smart) + LOT. Meaning able to speak three languages.
26 AUTHORITATIVE – (out the TV aria I)*
29 SILO – hidden rev. in demOLIShed
30 ACATES – A + CATES(by). Robert Catesby was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot. Acates is an old word for bought provisions.
31 ITALIC – I + I (centre of wig) inside TALC
32 ATAMANS – A, MAN inside sat*. Draught = man as in the game of draughts.
33 SYEN – Seyton without T(he) O(ld). Seyton was a servant of Macbeth, and SYEN is a Shakespearean spelling of scion, so maybe he was a younger member of his family.
34 ORANGE – O (duck), RANGE, &lit.


1 CHOLESTASIS – HOLES inside (cast is)*. A condition in which stagnation of bile in the liver results in jaundice and/or liver disease.
2 ROJI – J inside ROI. A Japanese garden feature.
3 EMPTY – PT inside EMY(s) – an emys is a type of terrapin.
4 SLURPS – composite anagram (Soup + relish)* = Oh, i.e. SLURPS.
5 HYPATE – (The pay)*. It’s the lowest string of the lyre.
6 ENERGETICAL – GET inside (cleaner I)*
7 ADRY – DRAY with the first two letters moved inside the last two.
8 SAMAN – A MAN under S(un) – the rain tree, a member of the Mimosa family.
9 PUGGERY – EGG, UP rev. + RY. Egg is slang for a bomb or mine. Puggery is one of several alternative spellings of pagri, a turban.
10 DIONAEA – ONE,A inside DIE + A(ctive). The scientific name for the Venus flytrap.
11 GENTLENESSE – (Lenten)* inside GESSE, a Spenserian spelling of guess. An old word for nobility.
17 SPRUITS – PR in SUITS, i.e. formally dressed. A spruit is a watercourse that is dry except during and after rain.
18 LUGHOLE – (lough,le)*
21 POTATO – A in POTTO. A potto is another name for the kinkajou (an animal similar to a raccoon).
22 AVATAR – take the Call away from Callatrava, and anagram the rest. It’s the icon or image that represents the player in some computer games, or the writer in a blog or online forum.
24 LOG-IN – GO inside NIL, all rev. More computer terminology.
25 NISAN – the first ecclesiastical month of the Jewish calendar. I don’t understand the wordplay. Full clue is “Early time of year in the synagogue? If so, men’ll become mean (5).” [ Men become mean if N IS AN. Again thanks to Andrew in the comments, but I’m kicking myself for not getting that. ]
27 RACK – two meanings. Rack is one of those words with 6 separate entries in Chambers, so it took a while to find both in there!
28 VANG – VAN + G. A van is a windmill sail, and a vang is a guy-rope to steady a gaff.

2 Responses to “Azed 1860”

  1. Andrew says:

    For 25dn the wordplay is that “men” will become “mean” if N IS (replace by) AN.

    19 ac refers back to the previous clue – it’s an anagram of YET REGAL TRAIN minus I RATTY.

  2. linxit says:

    Thanks – I’m annoyed at myself for not getting 25dn, as I’m normally pretty good at spotting that sort of construction. As for 19ac, I didn’t even spot the ellipsis and treated it as a standalone clue!

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