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Guardia 24,296, Rufus: I hope you like jam in too

Posted by michod on 28th January 2008


As Bob Marley used to sing, though I don’t think that’s what he put in his cylinders. That one at 8down’s my favourite cryptic definition in a mixed bag. Overall, though I think the best clues are the very economic charades/containers like 2dn, 17ac and 24ac, rather than the CDs and anagrams.

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Independent 6640 (Mass)

Posted by NealH on 28th January 2008


Initially I thought this was going to be very easy. I got through most of the clues fairly quickly but then got hopelessly stuck on 8 across, 25 across and 24 down, some of which was self-inflicted because I’d incorrectly written “plot” for 2 down.

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