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Guardia 24,296, Rufus: I hope you like jam in too

Posted by michod on January 28th, 2008


As Bob Marley used to sing, though I don’t think that’s what he put in his cylinders. That one at 8down’s my favourite cryptic definition in a mixed bag. Overall, though I think the best clues are the very economic charades/containers like 2dn, 17ac and 24ac, rather than the CDs and anagrams.


1. RIB AND. The last one I got, and I wanted it to be RIBALD from the surface, but  I think this is right – ‘blue, perhaps’ being the definition.

5. IN CREASE. Nice wordplay, though I’m less sure about the definition – my pay demand as forwarded by my union is usual several time greater than any eventual increase!  

9. CONVERTS. Double def. ‘Make believe’ I like a lot, but the secodn def is really just the nounal form of the same.


17. FI (IF<) RESIDE. Good clue, with ‘live’ giving something longer than the customary ‘be’.

18. NILE. Simple anagram, (LINE*), less obvious definition – the White Nile starts in Lake Victoria.


23. C(AN A)AN.

24. IN FAN TRY. Good simple construction.

25. TEA CADDY. Tea is a drink, and a caddy (in golf) is a porter of the clubs, but why would he resort to the tea caddy after a drink? 


2. I(CO)N. A beautifully simple clue.


6. CUT SHORT – a power cut and a short are both causes of power failure.

7. E(XC)EL (LEE<).

8. SWISS ROLLS. CD – and a good one.

19. C OFFER.

21. IS A AC.

22. BeRlInEr.

5 Responses to “Guardia 24,296, Rufus: I hope you like jam in too”

  1. Crink says:

    I think the point is that our friend the porter might resort to the tea caddy if he was “after a drink”. It’s not a strong definition, but we were reasonably convinced.

  2. michod says:

    Ah yes, that’s fair enough!

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve not seen the crossword, but going by your introductory bit, was the definition for 8d along the lines of “these cylinders are jammed”. That’s an old one, if so.

  4. Comfy Settee says:

    SWISS ROLLS made me laugh out loud.
    I thought “Bob” for CUT SHORT was clever too – I still didn’t understand it straight away even after getting the answer!
    Nice one Rufus.

  5. Rufus says:

    Chris has too good a memory! I used a similar, but slightly different, clue for SWISS ROLLS in the Gdn in 1985.

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