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Private Eye/Cyclops 357 – … and the band played on

Posted by beermagnet on February 4th, 2008


I found this more of a struggle than usual, particularly with some of the definitions.  Is it just me? 
The massive “Titanic” answer once spotted thankfully gave many checking letters throughout the grid so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

7 EARTHMAN Sod is Earth OK, but this relies on lover defining man, as in “He’s ma Man!”, which I have seen before but don’t like.
9 CHALET H(ard) and ALE inside CT for court. Cyclops has used Piss to indicate Ale in earlier crosswords. I might agree that nitrokeg beer and lager are synonymous with piss, but I know of many decent ales that would be sacrilege to describe as piss.
11 /12/13/23/19 REARRANGING THE DECKCHAIRS ON THE TITANIC One of those Definition plus Cryptic Def. clues. When I saw this big answer I tried to tackle it first and spent a long time counting letters assuming there was a massive anagram in there somewhere. Those apparent anagrinds in the clue, “shuffling” and “pathetic”, reinforced my assumption such that when I couldn’t find a set of words of the right letter count I went on to search for partial anagrams before giving that up as a bad job. Mind you, later it only took a few crossing letters of “deckchairs” for the answer to come clear.
13 DITTO D(IT)[O/T] Swap the O (ring) of DOT with its T (model) and put around IT (sex).
14 PARKHURST Ref Damien Hirst the not-so-enfant-terrible-anymore of the YBAs I realised it must be a prison but went blank on them and needed all the crossing letters, before twigging it was that high-security des. res. on the IOW
18 BUGATTI BU(G A)TT  I Hmmm. This clue explanation relies on “Fistful of dollars” giving G. Full clue:
Fistful of dollars one stuffed in arse gets Cyclops a vintage car (7)
20 CASTRATES Cast (as in throw) Rates (as in berates)
25 PUBLIC FUNDS PUB(LIC FUN D)S I don’t fully see how we get LIC, it must be from “endless lap dancing”. Full clue:
Misused by corrupt officials having endless lap dancing or other amusement with date in boozers? (6,5)
27 ROUBLE (T)rouble
28 DUTCH CAP A Def. plus CD clue. I liked the “European spending limit” CD
2 CHARIOTEER (ARCHER I TOE)* The reference is to the Roman, rather than the modern, circus.
3 CATNAP CAT (o’nine tails) NAP(oleon)
4/25 SHAGPILE I wondered if the letter count should have been (4,4) but checking I find both seem acceptable. If separate words had been required then the clue would have been easier for me.
6 UTTER TRIPE Utter (say) TRIP [blu]E
8 REACTOR Re-actor
15 HIGH OFFICE Favourite clue award here due to the excellent image conjured by the clue surface. (Dirty-old-man? Moi?) Full clue:
Penthouse-style on-the-job situation coveted by would-be cabinet ministers? (4,6)
17 PUTS BY (BUST)* inside P(enn)Y
26 SAPS (SPAS)< Last in the list and last I put in as I am not happy with the definition. How is SAP synonymous with NUT?  I regard a sap as an innocent, and while he may lack judgment he is not necessarily of unsound mind.  Full clue:
Bath, etc. overturned, revealing nuts (4)

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 357 – … and the band played on”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    25ac parses as LIC(k) (“endless lap”) + FUN (“dancing or other amusement”) + D (“date”) all in PUBS (“boozers”).

  2. Anon says:

    Could nuts be head butt ? Sap can mean a blackjack weapon, and saps to hit or knock out with a sap.

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