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Guardian 24306/Logodaedalus – when’s Shrove Tuesday?

Posted by ilancaron on February 8th, 2008


A pretty easy and pedestrian puzzle. I had to look up the Tuesday ref in 2D and there were a couple of weak clues in my opinion — unless I missed some subtlety.

1 UPRIGHT – two meanings
5 RUN RIOT – is this just two meanings? if so, aren’t they both the same: “Raise hell and act unrestrainedly”?
11 SHOW JUMPER – my fav clue – though frankly I’d have thought her bare top would be what she’d SHOW us under her JUMPER.
13 T(ASTI)EST – ASTI is a v. popular wine on the cryptic menu.
17 SCORE – two meanings (where “the way things are” is a slightly cryptic definition, as in, the current state of play).
19 ARM,STRONG – though strictly speaking he was actually on the moon.
23 FRE(EDOM)S – ref(mode) in ref(serf)
24 EYEFUL=”Eiffel”
27 T,WIN
28 O(ST)RICH – ST in choir* (ref. hiding one’s head in the sand).


2 PANCAKE – two meanings: I only understood the make-up ref and had to look up the Shrove Tuesday (aka PANCAKE Tuesday) ref.
3 I(NEP=rev(pen))T
4 HUSTLE=sleuth*,R[ex]
8 O,VERSE,A – “one” can be A in “The Guardian” but I wonder about singular OVERSEA for “from abroad”?
15 CARP,ENTER – “chips” is Brit slang for a CARPENTER.
18 CORNERS – Interestingly if the clue had read “Hideaways for football players?” it would have been truly transatlantic since CORNER is an American Football player position.
20 SPENDER – ref. Stephen the poet.
21 NOURISH=(in hours)*
22 MOSAIC=(coma is)*
25 EX,TRA=rev(art=craft) – Ref. background EXTRAs in a crowd scene only understood the wordplay later.

8 Responses to “Guardian 24306/Logodaedalus – when’s Shrove Tuesday?”

  1. Chris says:

    18ac doesn’t seem to make sense. I can’t think of any way a soccer player could be called a “corner”. It doesn’t correspond to any position on the pitch. It would only work if it referred to American Football, which it clearly doesn’t as it says soccer rather than football.

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry, 18 down I meant.

    Incidentally, is there going to be anything about yesterday’s Paul crossword? There were a couple of clues in that that I couldn’t get at all.

  3. ilancaron says:

    I think 18D is justified since it can be read almost as an &lit since you can fancifully imagine the corner of the pitch being where soccer players attempt to hide from the action…

  4. diagacht says:

    I think 18D is ok. Soccer players take corners, and corners are hideaways. It seems fair enough.

  5. Amnesiac says:

    I’m irritated by 24ac. It definitely reads such that the correct answer is “Eiffel” not “Eyeful”. Hence 21d and 25d were somewhat hard to get :-)

    I think the “from” in 6d is a link word, so it’s only “abroad” = “oversea”.

    17a is, I think, a reference to the saying “to know the score”.

    I can post a complete solution to yesterday’s if wanted. I’m not sure it’s the done thing though… Anyone care to let me know?



  6. Berny says:

    Yes Chris/Amnesiac – I was missing the sense of a couple of clues from yesterday’s Paul – but wouldn’t one need to have a placeholder created. Maybe yesterday’s blogger is suffering from amnesia?

  7. Chris says:

    I’d certainly appreciate it, Amnesiac. obviously I’ve seen the solution in today’s paper but there’s a couple of clues that I don’t quite understand – it would be great to have some light shed on them!

  8. beermagnet says:

    Amnesiac/Chris: You certainly do need privileges to post rather than comment. I will put in a stub as I too have queries on yesterday’s Paul.

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