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Independent 6645/Morph

Posted by neildubya on February 8th, 2008

8 FAST FOOD – I think this could be considered an oxymoron because fasting means not eating at all.
9 NET,(LET)* – “stingy” is made all the more deceiving because of the money reference in “tax deducted”.
10 W,HIP – in Parliament, a WHIP is a note sent to MPs requesting their attendance to vote on a particular issue. The definition in the clue – “Persuade MPs” – suggests that it can also be used as a verb.
11 FRIEDMAN – first name Milton, and an economist, like J.M.Keynes.
13 SNITCH – for those who have managed to avoid the books and films, Harry Potter plays a game called Quidditch; one of the objects of the game is to capture a small flying gold-coloured ball called the SNITCH. Doing so ends the game, I believe.
14 ARNI[-e],CA – Good clue, with a great surface reading.
27 MORPH in (ATOMISES)* – METAMORPHOSIS. One of our Australian readers told me recently that the Independent crossword is syndicated to his state paper but with one detail missing – they don’t publish the name of the setter. So the “me” in this clue won’t mean much to him (or people solving the clue online) but it’s a common enough word and the wordplay is straightforward so hopefully it wouldn’t have stopped anyone from solving the clue.
3 EGOS – I liked this one a lot: “When they clash, you’ll ‘ear either ____ or I go!” EGOS sounds like “‘e goes”.
4 UNDER THE WEA(THE)R – this is very nicely done: “ill fitting” looks like the definition but it’s actually definition plus a key wordplay element.
12 BUTS (reversed)
17 (BOW OAR T)* – ROWBOAT. “All found at sea” seems to be doing double-duty as the anagram indicator and definition, unless I’m missing something.
19 BACCHUS – “back us”.
20 A,DON,IS – the previous clue had “God, he’s drunk” for the definition and this one has “God, he’s gorgeous…”
22 LOC[-k],UM

6 Responses to “Independent 6645/Morph”

  1. Pogel says:

    Adonis – reminds of quite a nice clue, Guardian I think: Dish cooked in soda…

  2. nmsindy says:

    ROWBOAT It’s a &lit, I think (bow, oar, t – stern of it)* with “at sea” indicating the anagram and the whole clue giving the definition.

  3. Jon says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this one – made me laugh / groan several times. Thanks for explaining 13ac – knowing nothing at all about Harry Potter, I was trying to do something with ‘witch’…

  4. Paul B says:

    I’m sure some of us just want to do

    Beautiful young man said no to cock (6)

    but you know how it is.

    Nice puzz, brother Morph.

  5. Al Streatfield says:

    Has anyone else noticed that in today’s Independent the Friday solution space is blank?

    Trick by the compiler or just a mistake?

    (Mistake more likely, although blank solutions to puzzles are not unknown. See my (mainly) puzzle Resolution by Alligator, a Listener which appeared in October 2007)


  6. Richard Palmer says:

    Regarding 10 across, a whip is a party official who uses fair means or (more usually) foul to persuade their party’s MPs to vote for it against their better judgement, and whip can also be used as a verb to describe what a whip does. Neil is right that whip also refers to the note sent to MPs telling them how to vote.

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