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Independent 6650 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on February 8th, 2008


I found this easier than usual, solving time 10 mins

< = reversed   * = anagram


1 SP (A R) RING  PARTNE R   entrap<    r =right

9 SP (L) IT    L = latitude

10 HERE TI (C) AL   lait(y)<   C = Church’s leader (1st letter)

14 (t)EAS T END     tend = nurse

16 SCEP TIC   pecs<

17 HUM(p)

18 TH (E VERY) ID E A    each single = every   a = article

22 S(l)IGHT      L = lecturer


1 WALL(y)

3 IN THE END   Never played bowls but an ‘end’ is part of the pitch, I think.

7 SISTINE CHAPEL   (se in this place)*     In the Vatican

12 A SS I’M (I) LATE     Nice use of ‘board’ to mislead initially.

15 (g)ENT (IRE) LY

19 E (LE) VEN (t)

22 GIDE    (E dig)<

One Response to “Independent 6650 by Phi”

  1. Jon says:

    A lot I got here just from the definitions, without fully untangling the wordplay. A fast time for me – a bit of a relief at end of a series of (for me) very tough puzzles…

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