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Guardian 24,309 – Brendan : “Don’t bring me down”

Posted by neildubya on February 12th, 2008


I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so it was convenient that I got most of this quite quickly.

Lots of long solutions, with lots of falling, dropping and coming to earth.

To reduce The Guardian’s carbon footprint and save ink, setters should endeavour to reduce the number of black squares in their puzzles. Discuss.



9 Omitted on purpose


11 VEHICLES – double meaning of “something you dissolve an active ingredient in” and “travel machines”

12 Omitted on purpose and it wasn’t really much of a challenge was it ?

13 HIT THE ROOF – Not M. Thatcher, just any thatcher



18 ou(TRAGED I ANS)were – i.e the opposite of “comedians” 

19 BOOK – as in the biblical book of Job

20 AP(PRO-V)AL – note : PRO-V is supporting + V(ery) – not anything to do with shampoo

22 Didn’t get it in time – anyone ?




1 THE PENNY DROPPED – Clever. Nothing to do with the period known as Epiphany – this refers to epiphanies in general.



4 Omitted on purpose – simple double definition

5 POOH – The famous bear. And to pooh-pooh is to ridicule

6 REACH ROCK BOTTOM – a rock is a diamond, “Nick in play” is “Bottom”. Less sure about why “reach” is “pass”

7 COME DOWN TO EARTH – reference to a fox “going to earth”

14 HAIR SHIRTS – (IRISH TRASH)* worn during Lent or other period of sorrow

17 FAL-LING – the river Fal runs through Fal-mouth and a Ling is every setter’s best fish

21 Didn’t get it in time – do help me out

10 Responses to “Guardian 24,309 – Brendan : “Don’t bring me down””

  1. beermagnet says:

    21D is VERB : To best [someone] is not very different in meaning from to worst. This was the last I got only after a fair bit of thought and only because the best/worst equivalent meanings has come up elsewhere recently.

    22A IN-TRAY : Work to be done – not sure of the carrier reference.

    What is ink made of?

  2. Amnesiac says:

    Pass = Reach maybe in the sense of reaching the finishing line? A bit tenuous…

  3. Fromthemorning says:

    I think for in-tray, the carrier reference is as simple as a tray you would carry drinks on?

  4. ilancaron says:

    always nice to see OREGON getting its moment on the world stage (my parents live there!)

  5. Chris says:

    Re: 7D – it’s not just a reference to a fox “going to earth” – an earth is another word for a fox’s den or lair – so “foxhole” and “earth” are pretty much synonyms.

  6. Michael says:

    Im drawing a complete blank on 4D for some reason. Im guessing it is one of those ones that is just gonna annoy me all day. Does anyone want to give me a hint? :)

  7. beermagnet says:

    Michael Newton

  8. Michael says:

    Ah! Thank you Beermagnet. I knew that as soon as I saw a hint I would kick myself :) Thanks very much for that :)

  9. Mick H says:

    I think REACH=PASS is common usage, as in ‘could you reach me that tray, please’ – it may be colloquial, and I’m not sure if it’s supported by the dictionary, but clear enough (once I’d realised it wasn’t TOUCH ROCK BOTTOM, that is!)

  10. Dave Ellison says:

    17 down “River fish moving under 4″

    17 is vertically under 4; ergo, falling under gravity

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