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Independent 6654/Dac

Posted by John on February 13th, 2008


As usual from Dac, very efficient pleasant clues with good surfaces.

1 dropPED LARge. A well-concealed hidden, which was one of the last I did.
9 A(S)LOPE I think. I only have doubts since Chambers says the word is archaic and this is not signposted. But I don’t think they use Chambers.
10 PIECRUST, which is apparently a type of table. I didn’t know this and initially entered VISCOUNT, hoping that it might be both a type of table and a cut of meat, but it isn’t.
11 MONARCHIC – (manor)* chic, def. “Ruler’s”
13 VIN DIEsel. To indicate a hidden clue simply by an apostrophe seems to me to be at the edge of acceptability.
14 CHARTER FLIGHT – char (fret)rev. light. Excellent clue.
17 GLORIA SWANS ON. Gloria is an accompaniment to (i.e finishes) a psalm, rather than a hymn in the usual sense, but since a psalm is “a devotional song or hymn” the clue is OK, I think. Strange, as soon as I saw (6,7) the answer occurred to me, but I rejected it, because I couldn’t justify it.
21 OWN (have) UP (Appearing for trial?). Another excellent clue.
22 TOMBSTONE, which is both a memorial and the venue of the gunfight at the OK Corral
24 TRI(MET)ER, which is a line of verse. Yet another excellent clue.
27 HEP TAD, a group of seven
1 P(HARM)ACY. I was less than happy with “moving quickly” = “pacy”: surely, “quickly” = “pacy” and “moving quickly” = “being pacy”? But perhaps you could argue that “moving” simply indicates what we do with the word “pacy”.
2 D(Y)LAN. Old penny really, but the lovely surface would be destroyed.
3 Presumably APPAR(ently) A T, a word I only deduced from “apparatchik”
6 N(ational)E(xhibition)C(entre) KING. “From” is just about OK to mean “following”.
7 I(NUN)’D ATE (tear)S. Yet another e c.
15 ARGENTINA – (Tangier)* NA. And another.
16 UNTENDED, being “intended” with a different first letter
19 AUST(ER)E(n)
20 FOSTER – 2 mngs

7 Responses to “Independent 6654/Dac”

  1. Jon says:

    21ac I read as ‘preparing for trial’ = ‘gOWN UP’, remove first letter to get…

  2. conradcork says:

    21ac I read own as ‘have’ so ‘have first’ = own before up.

  3. neildubya says:

    21a – I read it the same as Conrad. I don’t think “[-g]own up” works as there’s nothing in the clue to indicate removing the first letter – “have first” doesn’t really do the job. Also, GOWN UP, in the COED anyway, relates to medical, rather than legal, gowns.

    Quite a toughie I thought.

  4. Jon says:

    Can we defined UP = ‘preparing for trial’? I suppose so, thinking about it…

  5. nmsindy says:

    OWN UP One of the first I solved – I too read it as “Appearing for trial?” = UP Have = OWN first = put OWN before UP.

    Excellent as always – did not find it too hard a puzzle.

  6. Jon says:

    My mistake – why did I get it into my head that it was ‘preparing’, and not ‘appearing’???? Doh!

  7. Richard Palmer says:

    Younger solvers will not appreciate a subtlety in 27A defining heptad as ‘Temperance Seven apparently’. The ‘apparently’ is necessary as there were actually nine members in that group.

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