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Private Eye/Cyclops 358 – Hello Sailor!

Posted by beermagnet on February 18th, 2008


A lot of comedic sailors in the puzzle answers this time, what with PRATFALL crossing with SLAPSTICK and a raft of TARS, SALTS, SAILORS, RATINGS and SEAMEN. Strangely, I hadn’t noticed this mini-theme until writing this blog. Also strange in the circumstances – no sign of Ted Heath.

1 STOOLS Double Def
9 PRATFALL P-RAT-FALL P(arking) + Arse + Sink
11 NARCISSISM Reference to the beautiful hero of the archaic myth who falls in love with his own reflection
13 EDIFYING (EFFING DIY)* minus one F (F-off!)
20 SNOT (ma)N inside SOT
21 ESTATE DUTY (A TESTE[s])*  This was the only place I had any trouble with this crossword – due to a touch of silliness on the first pass I wrote in Excise Duty
23 AFRESH AFR(ican) (SHE)*
24 NAVY BLUE Sailors + Dirty = Shade
25 OLD SALTS Getting on + Purgative = Sailors
26 REGINA I inside (ANGER) reversed  Brenda is ER in PE
2/5 TARS AND FEATHERS I think this is a bit more serious than implied by the definition “smears”, the subsiduary part of the clue “Sailors with things that tickle” make it surprisingly easy
3 OPTIC O then T (Thatcher’s head) inside PIC
4 SLAPSTICK Socks + Second = Broad humour
5/18 FALLING RATINGS Almost my favourite clue:
Sailors acting pissed not welcomed by TV bosses (7,7)
6 ALARM LA (foreign article) inside ARM (member)
7 HAVE A BASH Shag + Ace + Hit = Attempt
8 RESOLVE (LOVER’S)* then E.  What I find myself doing to write this blog a week after doing the puzzle the first time
14 FAULTLESS This is my favourite clue:
Perfect, unlike a large slice of California? (9)
17 HANDFUL Hidden in hammersmitH AND FULham
19 METHUEN (THE MENU)* Publisher well known by me for publishing Monty Python books
21 ETHEL T(ense) and H(ot) inside EEL.  This answer reminds me of, and prompts me to recommend, the book “Ethel and Ernest” by Raymond Briggs
22 DEBUG E(lectronic) B (a musical key) inside DUG

One Response to “Private Eye/Cyclops 358 – Hello Sailor!”

  1. Kieron says:

    9 across: I took “arse” to be the whole PRAT — as in “Parking PRAT on FALL..” RAT on its own seems to be a poor synonym for arse.

    21 annoyed me – why the convoluted “…testes after getting end away…”? Why not just “…teste…”, itself a word? Especially when the rest of the clue is so rambling, it could have been edited back here. Harrumph.

    I liked 17 though. I lived in H&F for 5 years and never noticed that hidden in there!

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