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Independent 18.02.08 by Dac

Posted by tilsit on February 20th, 2008


Apologies for the lateness of posting, but some intravenous drugs managed to lay me low for a little while longer than expected today.

 Solving time: 19 minutes.

Always a joy to solve Dac’s puzzles that contain amusing topical references or nice twists on old clues.  26 across made me smile a lot, 10 down a nice anagram. 9 across was another great clue.

ACROSS  (*) = Anagram  (CD) = Cryptic definition  (R)= Reversed


5 STICKY   Double def. 

 9  PRICE REDUCTIONS      RICE in PRE  +  DISCOUNT*  Well worked clue.

11  SALESWOMAN  She sells (def)  ALES inside S W OMAN  (S W State)

12  JUNE   Nice take on the film and (CD)

14  ERASMUS    SUMS +    A R.E.  (REV)

16 TAHITI    TA (Territorial Army) + HIT  (reached)  + I (Island)

18  GRATIS   GR  + (D)AT(E) + IS.  Date is clued as “no frills vacation”.  Nice!

19  CHIMERA   I’M inside CH + ERA  –   new def of CHIMERA to me.

21  ITCH    How a Cockney might pronounce “hitch”.

22  AIR PASSAGE  Double def.

25  MOONLIGHT SONATA     Does extra hours = MOONLIGHTS + ON (working) + AT +A (Introduction to Atonal)

26  AUSTEN   My favourite clue!

27  ADHESIVE    HE’S inside A DIVE


1  RIPOSTED     R (Final part of letter) + I POSTED

2  TRIAL   First letters

3  CHEESE MITE   SEE THE MICE*   Nice clue with a clever image


6  TATI    TAHITI  minus HI

7  CROQUETTE    CROQUET + TE(A) [Drink shortly)



13  CHAIN STORE   CHAIN (Measure) +  STORE(Y)  (“Most of” floor)

15 ATROCIOUS     OU inside of  ACTOR IS*

17  LACERATE    One to make me smile  LACE RATE (The cost of delicate fabric)


23 AMATI  Hidden answer

24  FLEE   FLEET minus T

 And I have just opened a parcel containing a book I purchased on E-bay.  The Pan Crossword Solver’s Dictionary by Mike Hutchinson.  A bargain at 99p.  What became of the author? !

4 Responses to “Independent 18.02.08 by Dac”

  1. Testy says:

    I noticed that the online version of this crossword had a distinct lack of apostrophes (“mens” and “enemys”). Is this a regular problem with the online version or was it just this crossword?

    I really liked 9A but thought that in 18A “no-frills vacation” for AT was a bit cheeky.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Yes, frills = 3/4 of the word was unusual, but just about logical so OK. Fairly easy puzzle, good as always from Dac.

  3. eimi says:

    Thanks Testy. It’s not always a problem, but I think I’ve identified the culprit. For some reason Dac’s copy comes with curly apostrophes rather than straight ones (not the technical term, obviously) and the java can’t seem to cope with them. Now I’m aware of the problem I’ll be able to replace them in future.

  4. tilsit says:

    I am happy to defer to my colleagues above over the parsing of AT in 18 across.

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