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Inquisitor 59 – Commemoration by Hypnos

Posted by petebiddlecombe on February 22nd, 2008


Solving time: no recorded – let’s call it 90 minutes

With lots of articles in the papers, it didn’t take much effort to guess a possible theme here – the spare letters message RIP BUSBY BABES emerged just before DUNCAN EDWARDS at 10D. The resolution of clashes in the grid led to MUNICH AIR CRASH, around a 4-row 3-column rectangle in the middle – maybe meant to resemble a football or a centre circle.

I like the idea of indicating multi-word or acronym answers with the same symbol (*).

There are two things left unresolved for me – where to get the first B in BABES – somewhere from 45A to 9D, and how 5D works – if I’ve got it right. Quite possibly, both these birds will be killed with one stone, if that’s not too unfortunate as a metaphor…

1 MAN(C.H.)E – Fr. for sleeve, most easily remembered from La Manche = English Channel
17 A.D.(HO!)C.
21 TINA – anag of painter with per.=person removed
27 A,MASS,ED – Mass is one of the Indie setters in the week
28 ERE/S – ERE = plough, ERSE = Irish
35 SO,(t)IREE
40 SC.,H(MID=dim rev.)T
42 EUREKA/B – BE(URE)KA – Beka = one spelling of Beka’a as in Beka’a Valley
3 NIGH – I guess the ‘habit when retired’ is NIGHTCAP – can’t think of any other 8-letter ones.
5 EL CID ?? apart from C=Cuba, I don’t understand the wordplay, so wonder whether this is right.
20 ILAN, hidden reversal. Apparently there was a St Ilan in Wales.
29 R(E(T)IRE)E – a Russian doll clue …
30 SACQUE = “sack”
34 S,ICK(y)
39 RAND/S – RAND = currency, RANDS = margins
41 HA(r)E

4 Responses to “Inquisitor 59 – Commemoration by Hypnos”

  1. Duncan Shiell says:

    I think it is two birds with one stone in 5 down.

    Contradicted = BELIED

    ‘Earl going’ eliminates the second E

    The intial B is surplus to requirements.

    So, ELID round Cuba (C) gives EL CID and we have the first B in BABES

  2. nmsindy says:

    I really enjoyed this puzzle – as one very interested in football with the interest starting not long before that time and actually remembering the tragedy in those formative days, it became an unusually fast IQ solve for me with 10 down going in early on.

    The theme was excellently put together with very good clues.

    I agree with Duncan Shiell’s points but it took a while to tease those out. I too thought it was a football (which would be very appropriate) but, even more appropriate and which I understand was what was intended, it represents a wreath to go with RIP BUSBY BABES.

  3. HolyGhost says:

    Got the theme in 10 seconds from the title and first sentence of the rubric.
    Didn’t really like ILAN being clued as Welshman – there’s a St Samson in Brittany but that doesn’t make the person that fell in love with Delilah a Frenchman.
    And MASS for setter seems rather incestuous.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Solution in paper today reveals BELGRADE in bottom row, to match MANCHESTER in the top (which I did notice) – route of the fateful flight.

    I never spotted that!

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