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Guardian 24321/Paul

Posted by linxit on February 26th, 2008


Solving time 16:22

Another feast of libertarianism from Paul, but I thought the long answer starting at 17 was just brilliant. Some rather whimsical answers too today – 21D had me scratching my head for a while.

11 H(EALTHF)OOD – (flat he)* inside HOOD. For a while I wanted the gangster to be AL, but didn’t waste too much time on it.
12 CHOCCY – HO inside CCCY (“three seas – why”). Groan!
17,15,10,9 NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT – “Open”(O + PEN) = NOTHING TO WRITE, “in” = HOME, “a fight”= ABOUT.
23 CO-STAR,I CAN – San José is the capital of Costa Rica. I’d only heard of the Californian one, but it seemed reasonable when I got it from the wordplay.
24 YELL – One of the Shetland Islands, not far from Unst.

1 C(HOOCH)OO – definition is “Only for baby, express”.
3 S(ASH)AY – I think “parade” is a bit loose for the definition though. A corruption of the French chassé, which is a gliding dance step.
4 A,D(V)ANCE – nice football surface reading, might have been better if Juventus were a team from Rome though (or it could have said “Juventus’s number 3″ to indicate the 3rd letter).
5 CASTRATO – cryptic def.
13 CARICATURE – (accurate,R,I)* – good &lit clue.
16 TART,RATE – not keen on “seeks” as a linking word.
21 P,HOOEY – needed all the checking letters to crack this one.
24,19,2 YOUR PLACE OR MINE – another clever &lit, which is formed from an anagram of (I pul ye, O, romance, r) – only one L because of the pound having been spent.

11 Responses to “Guardian 24321/Paul”

  1. Mick H says:

    Absolutely – ‘Nothing to write home about’ was well worth the price of a stamp!

  2. Geoff says:

    4dn: Agree that ‘Juventus’s number 5′ is a bit off – V is a Roman (ie Latin) numeral, not an Italian one, although Juventus is a Latin word. ‘Juventus’s number 3′ or ‘Roma’s number 5′ would be better (Roma usefully being the Latin as well as the modern Italian name for the city).

    Mild quibble though, as I was happy with all the other clues. Some fun words (although TARTRATE pops up a bit too often in crosswords) and great &lits – I loved 24dn, 19, 2.

  3. muck says:

    Thanks for explanation of 17 etc. I had the answer but not how!

  4. Michael says:

    Hello all,

    Further to the point that Muck was making about 17, I feel the same about 5, CASTRATO. Am I overthinking it?

  5. muck says:

    5dn: After the operation he was in a higher register? So his number was up. Misleading suggestion of dead, typically Paul.

  6. linxit says:

    5D CASTRATO – a castrato was a choirboy who was castrated before his voice broke in order to preserve the soprano or alto pitch. Number in a cryptic usually means song, so it’s a cryptic way of saying that his voice is high, but disguised in a common phrase meaning something else entirely.

  7. Paul B says:

    Bit tricky, the ‘Juventus’ thingy – in Latin, it means ‘the age of youth’.

    Otherwise excellent, as usual.

  8. Kieron says:

    17 and 23 were both great, Paul is so very good sometimes. Excuse me for being a dunce, but what the heck is 22? I can only think MUPPET, but have no idea of the why…

  9. linxit says:

    22A – Essential to dreaM UP PETulant fool.

    Sorry Kieron, but now you have to kick yourself ;-)

  10. Kieron says:

    I was tired and drunk. I’m going to be easy on myself.
    Thank you Linxit.

  11. Michael says:

    Thanks for the explanation on 5 down guys. I’ve never known number to be song. Cheers :)

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