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Independent 6665/Dac

Posted by John on February 26th, 2008


Rather harder than usual for Dac, I thought, but as usual it’s full of very nice clues.

1 TOSH – 2 mngs, not helped by the fact that the mate meaning is new to me. This was the last one I solved.
3 CARRYING ON – again 2 mngs. I’m not surprised that the colloquial sense isn’t in Chambers (so far as I can see), but I suspect it will be one day
9 POTSDAM – (mad stop) rev.
11 MODERNS – Dom rev., Erns(t). The definition wasn’t obvious.
14 L(AND M)ASS – difficult I thought – I was sure NAM was in there and I was looking for an adjective
15 T(SWAN)A – not an African that came readily to me, indeed I only got it unconfidently from the wordplay and had to look it up
17 TYRONE – the actor Tyrone Power
22 MOANING MINNIE – 2 mngs, one of which I didn’t know. I had thought it was a Mrs Thatcher coinage.
25 ASSURED – ass (rude)*
26 SIDE STREET – sides “treat”
27 teA CERemony
1 TOPICALITY – (Capitol)* (c)ity. Initially I thought Dac was using “turmoil” as an anagram indicator, which would have offended some, but he’s too good for that.
2 SET UPON – (one’s put)*, an anagram that didn’t come easily since I was misled by the definition
4 A D(MON)ISH – again, a cunning definition
5 REMOVE – 2 mngs, although I wonder just how senior a remove class is. At my schools it was a junior class, and according to Chambers it’s an intermediate one.
6 IN DIRE STRAITS – a reference to the group, that eluded me for a while. I’d heard of Mark K but was all prepared to use Google to find out who he was.
7 GO(RILL)A – the state of India always seems to be Goa
8 NASH – san and H rev. Nice surface.
10 DOCUMENTARIES – (toured cinemas)*. Easy enough once you get the right words to anagram, which I didn’t.
13 BANDLEADER – “banned lieder”
20 TANTRIC – (in tract)*
21 Z IN GER. Yet again we have z as an unknown, which was in the last crossword I blogged. I mentioned it then and said that this always grated since z is really used in higher maths. It was suggested in a posting that if there are three unknowns, z will be used since it goes with x and y, the more common “unknowns”. Fair enough, but then you could say that any letter is an unknown.
23 w(ALES) I think, although if it is can’t see why the clue didn’t say “drinks”, since “ales” is hardly “a drink”, and only uncomfortably “drink”.

2 Responses to “Independent 6665/Dac”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I, too, found it a little harder than usual from Dac – and I enjoyed ADMONISH too. Excellent puzzle. I thought ‘drink’ = ALES was quite OK.

  2. Patrick says:

    A Moaning Minnie was the nickname given to a type of German trench mortar by the ‘Tommies’ in the First World War, ‘Minenwerfer’
    A good puzzle but I didn’t get the African in 15a

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