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Guardian 24322/Chifonie – one letter at a time

Posted by ilancaron on February 27th, 2008


Many clues with the parts of speech and/or meanings in the wordplay and surface surprisingly different which made this quite an enjoyable puzzle. Quite a few single letter abbrevs as well — not all of which I was comfortable with.


4 A,S,SAIL – S for society.
10 S,PECULATOR – S for bob (former shilling).
11 FITTER – two meanings and different parts of speech which is nice.
11 OVER,CAST – OVER for accomplished which has quite different meanings in the wordplay vs. the surface.
15 RID,E – Single letter E for Espana.
16 GATE – two meanings with a nice change of part of speech and definition (for “take”).
22 L(A,H)ORE – H for hot.
24 GORGON,ZOLA – Ref. Emile.
25 DAIS[y]
26 SA(DD)LE – DD is Doctor of Divinity.
27 UNI(S)ON – this time S is short for soprano.


1 RE,A,LIST – haven’t checked but there must be a meaning of LIST as desire, a la bent.
2 CH(E)AT – Single letter E for ecstasy in CHAT which is a kind of bird.
5 SAUCE,R – another slightly surprising single letter abbrev: R for rare.
6 ANARCHIST – nice anag &lit: (in rash act)*
7 LOO(K)SE,E – K for king.
8 DEMON’S,T,RATION – T for time.
16 G,ALLOWS – not sure about LOWS as owns? But I like the def “suspender”. Thanks to PaulB, another single letter abbrev: G for girl.
19 TORSION – hidden rev in “FresNO IS ROTten”.
20 CA(R)NAL – yet another single letter abbrev: R for Romeo — I think this is from a phonetic alphabet.
23 HAD,E,S – East and South are on opposing sides in bridge. And are single letter abbrevs.

4 Responses to “Guardian 24322/Chifonie – one letter at a time”

  1. Paul B says:

    G/ ALLOWS shurely?

  2. muck says:

    I had the same problems with 1dn & 16dn.

    16dn: GAL+LOWS didn’t work; G+ALLOWS does

    1dn: RE+A+LIST; Chambers has definition List(4)=desire.

    Well it’s a bad day when you don’t learn something new!

  3. Shirley says:

    1Dn – Could list mean desire in the sense of it’s on your list of things to have/do?

  4. hillclimber says:

    Re 20d, some interesting info on the NATO phonetic alphabet here:

    TBH, I’m surprised we don’t see it used more, maybe I just haven’t noticed it that much.

    All-in-all a decent effort, short, sharp and to the point, but always satisfying to work out……………..

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