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Azed 1865

Posted by linxit on March 3rd, 2008


My broadband connection was down all weekend, hence the lateness of this report.

I managed to do most of this without the dictionary, although I cracked near the end and had to look up a couple.


1 BEEDI – BEE, I’D rev. A cheap Indian cigarette.
7 LESBO – hidden in bottLESBOttles. Fruit was old American slang for a gay man, but I’m pretty sure it’s now considered highly offensive.
11 OCTONARII – cartoon* + I,I (the writer repeated). Lines of verse of eight feet
12 NO END – quite literally, instructions to get “was” from “wasp”.
13 GOMBEEN – BE (bill of exchange) inside GO, MEN. Irish word for usury.
15 YEDE – hidden in honeYED Elegy. Spenserian word for go.
16 SCOMBER – S(urface) + COMBER. Name of the mackerel genus.
17 UTTER – urt* around T(h)E
18 PLATE-SHIPS – (is past help)*.
21 TEA CLIPPER – lace* inside TIPPER. The Cutty Sark was one such.
24 SATIE – I in SATE. French composer Erik Satie.
26 CTENOID – T + ONE rev. all inside CID.
27 PRAT – double definition.
29 ERISTIC – CIT’S IRE reversed. As a noun, a person given to controversy or debate.
30 AGISM – A + GISM. Gism (also spelt jism or jissom) means force. I have to admit I only knew the other meaning of it myself.
31 MENAGERIE – MEN + gear* + i.e.
32 SHEEN – HE inside SEN. “Displaying rare beauty” as sheen has a rare poetical meaning as an adjective for beautiful.
33 EEVEN – hidden in slEEVE Notes. Crazy Miltonian spelling of even.


1 BONESET – ONES inside BET. A North American species of hemp agrimony. Funnily enough, if you look up hemp agrimony in Chambers (under agrimony), it just says “a composite”.
2 ÉCORCHÉ – another hidden, in dÉCOR (CHEap). Shame he only got one of the accents in! It’s a figure in which the muscles are represented stripped of the skin, for the purposes of artistic study.
3 DONG – N in DOG. DONG is an Aussie thump, dog is Aussie slang for an informer, whereas nose is English slang for the same. I don’t see the reason or the need for “one glowing there” at the end.
4 INDABA – I + band* + A. Usually a tribal conference, but South African slang for a problem.
5 MAGNETIC MINE – (mincemeat, gin)*
6 PROTREPTICAL – REP,TIC inside patrol*. I got this from the wordplay but it looked very unlikely so I had to look it up.
7 LIMBUS – LIMB + US (abbreviation for unserviceable).
8 SHEET IRON – (He’s)* + NORITE reversed.
9 BREDE – BRED + E (last letter of elegance). Spenserian spelling of braid.
10 OWNER – W in ONER. One meaning of OWNER is captain of a warship, which was news to me.
14 COPATAINE – the wordplay is in reverse here. AINE is elder (French aîné), with CO (company) and PAT (fitly) above it. The definition in Chambers is “high-crowned like a sugar loaf”.
19 PRIMSIE – SI inside PRIME. Si was the seventh note of the scale, now called ti. Ref. the Muriel Spark novella The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Scottish word for demure.
20 SIDEMEN – SIN around DEME.
22 LENTEN – yet another hidden word, in CorpuLENT ENtirely.
23 PELAGE – GALE rev. inside PE.
24 SPEOS – posse*. Chambers says it’s a grotto-temple or tomb.
25 ARRAH – R inside ARMAGH with M and G removed. An interjection expressing emotion or surprise, so “Well, I never” is pretty much equivalent.
28 AGEE – AGE + E (end of cycle). Scottish word meaning “off the straight; ajar”.

3 Responses to “Azed 1865”

  1. Amnesiac says:

    Off crossword, but not entirely off topic, given linxit’s comment. I’ve just completed my first Azed (this week’s) and it left me wondering, does anyone ever complete one of these things without extensive research?!

  2. linxit says:

    You’d be surprised – there are quite a few people whose vocabulary is good enough, just through years and years of experience – myself not included, I hasten to add!

  3. roland says:

    Amnesiac,if it is any consolation, my degree has suffered irreparable damage since I got into Azed. This stuff consumes lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. Still chasing a VHC……….

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