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Guardian 24,327/Paul – slip of the tongue

Posted by manehi on March 4th, 2008


A few surprisingly easy clues from Paul (9a, 19a and 26a especially, all omitted below) started me off on an otherwise enjoyable puzzle with some excellent surface readings.

Solving time: 26 minutes, one unsure.

1 PUBLISH – the online version earlier in the morning had the clue as something similar to “[Put out by the tongue of drunks?]”, complete with square brackets. I found it odd, but didn’t think to record the exact wording. It’s now “Put out by the language at the inn, you might say?” both online and in my copy of the paper, which leads more easily to the idea of PUBLISH being the language spoken in pubs.
10 SPIDERMAN – DERMA in SPIN, lovely clue.
11 SUPERWAIF – (WAS PURE)* + IF = “provided”. “Superwaif” is new to me, but I don’t suppose it ever refers to a superhero orphan.
12 TUT,T,I – the different kinds of “Leaders” combining to make a musical direction to all play together.
13 OMEGA – hidden/”lost” in “hOME GAme’s”.
15 IN,SIN,U,ATE – surface hinting at the rather thin Mrs Beckham.
18 BREATHE IN – (BE AIR THEN)*, “inspirational” in the sense of, well, breathing in.
21 RECAP – (PACER)<, the internet confirms that a pacer is a horse that paces.
23 CHAIN GANG – CHIN holding A, GAG holding N.
25 QUID,DITCH – surface almost very topical.
28 (g)RE-EN,TRY – don’t think I’d be able to forget about gravity during re-entry, personally.
1 PICASSO – I assume this is PI + CASSO(wary), ref the cassowary bird, but can’t see how PI comes from “demands good”.
2 BLASPHEMES – BLAMES around SHE around P.
3 (t)INTER(n) – ref the abbey on the river Wye, but I’m not sure how much the “by river” part really adds to the clue.
5 BRIE,F – does brief == “In short”?
6 OVERT,ONES – almost put this down as a dodgy double def, spotted the wordplay just now.
7 LIMIT – or at least I think so, I can’t make anything from the wordplay. Anyone?
8 GUNFIRE – (GRIEF)* around UN
15 SUN,BA(THE)R – wordplay confused me at first, as I read it as SUN + BAT = “staff” + HER = ?
17 AERIALIST – A (AIRE)< LIST, a US term (apparently) for acrobats, trapeze artists and the like.
20 BA(G LAD)Y – nice
23 C(h)ATTY

11 Responses to “Guardian 24,327/Paul – slip of the tongue”

  1. Testy says:

    1D I think it’s just that the answer demands “good” and good = PI (short for pious)

  2. beermagnet says:

    7D Allowed = LICIT, then multiply central number C by ten to make M, thus LIMIT

  3. mhl says:

    What is the alternative 3 down you seem to have? In my copy of the paper it’s “Bury playwright without head” for (P)INTER.

  4. Testy says:

    A very similar clue for (P)INTER appeared just over a week ago in Phi’s Independent 6662 (althouh it was something like without introduction). I’m sure that these crosswords are submitted more than a week before publication so this is definitely just an interesting bit of crossword synchronicity rather than anything less sporting.

  5. manehi says:

    “Lay to rest in abbey by river with no walls (5)” is on the online puzzle, but my paper has your version. Quick check of the other clues doesn’t reveal any other differences, other than 1a as noted above.

  6. manehi says:

    Seeing Testy’s post, perhaps 3d was changed on the fly for the online edition?

    OT edit: talking of changes that slipped past me, since when has “Hot solving action” appeared in the site banner?

  7. Paul B says:

    I’m not sure whether the revelation of my unwitting involvement in ‘hot solving action’ makes me feel better or worse actually: but Man U are one up.

  8. neildubya says:

    “Hot Solving Action” – that was me. Just fancied a change. I wondered if anyone would notice.

  9. Geoff says:

    Paul’s crosswords are getting better and better – with plenty of ingenious &lits (10ac, 20dn, 28ac) and near &lits (11ac).

    Manehi was a bit dismissive of 26ac – not difficult, admittedly, but also a nice & lit: IN ‘tea’ (CHA) ‘cups’ (ie encloses) gives CHINA

  10. Ali says:

    I struggled with the top half here, not helped by the randomness of the online version. That’s no excuse for missing Spiderman though. A great clue. Ditto Picasso, which I was pleased to get with no checking letters. Good stuff all round.


  11. manehi says:

    Geoff, I almost blogged 26a, but having to omit a few, I chose the first six clues I solved, all of which I found relatively easy – 26 can be read as an obvious double def, and I think I remember CH(IN)A from somewhere else, but possibly to clue CHA.
    I always have mixed feelings about clues of the “(almost) immediately gettable, but with something extra at the second glance” variety. They strike me as more satisfying for the setter to come up with than for the solver to tackle – and give me the nagging feeling that I’m missing something clever about all the other clues as well..

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