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Inquisitor 61 TRICKY ACROSS CLUES by Loda

Posted by Hihoba on March 7th, 2008


One of the Hihobas found a nicely shaped box on his doorstep this week, following Inquisitor 59, so a small celebration will be held!

The theme to number 61 stuck out a mile! The first two across clues contained “Grand Hotel” and “On the Waterfront”, hence we were looking for the Academy Award winners for “BEST PICTURE” (24A), the ceremony being the day after the crossword’s publication. 

The answers to the film titles in the across clues were very obvious but some of the clues were pretty turgid.  Some of the other clues had easy answers but difficult clues. This always seems a disadvantage in a prize crossword to me, as I guess there will be many people who are able to submit a correct grid without having fully understood all of the clues. I could have sent it in with six or eight half-explained answers.

I have some points left for comments please!
What is the reference to “TRICKY” in the title?
I would welcome feedback on my comments on the clues to 3D, 33A, 36A, 18D and 35D.

The pictures in across clue order were:

1932: Grand Hotel
1954: On the Waterfront
1955: Marty
1984: Amadeus
1948: Hamlet
1968: Oliver
1980: Ordinary People
1928: Wings
1940: Rebecca
1933: Cavalcade
1961: West Side Story
1978: The Deer Hunter
1944: Going My Way
1949: All the King’s Men
1942: Mrs. Miniver
1970: Patton
1947: Gentleman’s Agreement
1931: Cimarron
1988: Rain Man
1960: The Apartment
1976: Rocky
1997: Titanic

Solving time : It was very easy to solve in about 1.5 hours, but sorting out the detail of the clues for this blog took an age and quite a few emails!

1 SECANTS are functions, CAN in SETS
6 ARAB(horse)+LE(A)
10 MARTY = TRAM reversed + (journe)Y
11 AMADEUS = A(creage) + MADE (promoted in RN – e.g. “made captain”) + US in Chambers as me (informal) as in “Give us a kiss”. Very hard work to explain for a very easy answer!
12 HAMLET = H(ard) male* (work male) + (slep)T
13 P(enny)+LA(note)+I(one)+NT(books)
15 EO (gambling game)+ZO (Yak and cow cross!)+ I+C(see)
17 T(r)OY+S(on)
19 LURE – “Norma” is a Southern Constellation aka “The Rule” – swap L and R
20 EPIC – PI means 80,000 (learn something new every day!) in EC(city)
21 WEST SIDE STORY = (STEW)* +SIDE (half a carcase as in “side of beef”) +STOR(e) +(se)Y
24 BEST PICTURE Unclued.
26 THE DEER HUNTER = anagram of THREE HUNDRED and TEN minus ND (North Dacota)
29 COD(chap)+A(dvanced)
32 RAJA is A(bout) + JAR(clash) reversed
33 USED: Chambers gives one meaning of “use” as follow (archaic) so USED is “followed veteran”. It is an anagram of SUED (riley is the anagram indicator, meaning turbid, but the capital R is a bit unfair!)
36 PATTON = I had no idea how this clue worked, but one of our triumvirate has worked out that PA is a Maori fort, N is knight (chess) round OTT (extreme) reversed. Cor!
38 OR + DEAL
39 SACRED is scared with the ca reversed i.e. “backing”.
40 RAIN MAN = RN (service) round anagram of ANIMA(L)
41 FIRER is FR(frequently) round IRE
42 ESCARP is an anagram of (climbe)R PACES
43 TITANIC = TIT is one of the birds, ANI is the other and the C is caged minus aged (old). Needed help with that one. Pretty abstruse clue for an easy answer!
1 SMEE is (D)EEMS reversed
2 CRA(Z)Y is passionate and Cray is one twin!
3 AT MOST is tomat(o)* round s, but I could not justify s as an abbreviation for seven.
4 TOECLIP – an aid for cyclist is PILOT reversed round EC
5 SATI is another word for “suttee” – a barbaric practice for which “woman fired up” is a rather gruesome definition! (AS IT)*
6 AMPERE was a Physicist. A + MP + (h)ERE
7 AD(commercial) + AG(silver) + (min)E – a saw as in “wise saws and modern instances”
8 LUNGI is a piece of cloth. LUNG(e) is a long rope used in horse training + I. 
9 ESTOC hidden
14 I + M(ale) + PORT (left)
16 REST UP is purest*
17 TWIT is a loony, W(ife) and I in TT (races)
18 ASTERN is behind, and is an anagram of BEAT+RA+SEN with BEA removed. But I’m not really very happy about either “Savagely” as an anagram indicator or “pinched” for removing letters!
22 SEE(recognise) + DED (D. Ed.) – I liked “with pips” as a definition!
23 YARD is a garden. DRAY reversed
25 CHAPATI may be served with curry. PAT in CHAI (Indian tea) 
27 EARLAP is the earlobe where you might wear (a pearl)* earring
28 NUTRIA is the Coypu (aquatic mammal) NUT + RIA – a flooded valley. Salcombe is a ria not an estuary, as it has no river running into it. I know this from sailing there!
29 CH(eck) + ORE (ore is 1/100 of a krona in Sweden, but spelled with an umlaut, or its Swedish equivalent)
30 OKRAS (hidden)
31 ARE(N)A
34 STERN is hard, (conviction)S + TERN
35 ISNT Ain’t is the definition, nis is a goblin (anagrammed) + term (end) to barghesT (another goblin). I always mistrust spurious inverted commas. I think this is a poor clue!
37 NARC is cran – herring measure – reversed

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 61 TRICKY ACROSS CLUES by Loda”

  1. Phi says:

    Tricky Across is indicating an anagram of Oscars

    S = 7 is one of those ‘medieval Roman’ numerals that Chambers throws at you. I’ve never worked out where they come from, but they can occasionally be useful.

  2. HolyGhost says:

    I have no quibble with the clues Hihoba mentions worthy of comment. But it *was* rather a dull puzzle from the quite variable Loda.

  3. Arabian Stallions says:

    That cleared up some confusion I had about my Arabian, great article

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