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Azed 1866/binging on Chambers

Posted by ilancaron on March 9th, 2008


I made quite good progress at first: after about an hour I had the entire puzzle solved… except for 4 or 5 clues in the NE quadrant. The root of all evil was GRACE for our cricketer in 15A which almost made sense (R, ACE). Then proper names NICOL, CASCA, IRANI mystified me for ages so I binged on TEA, Chambers and wikipedia and ferreted them out.


1 KLATS,CH[ild] – rev(stalk). Ref. Kaffeeklatsch.
6 CAS(C)A – one of my last: Chambers has CASA as mansion and, as I didn’t know, CASCA was one of the, presumably envious, conspirators against Caesar.
11 LAARI – (a rial)*: Georgian currency.
13 NI(CO)L – CO (special company I guess) in NIL (love). And another NE bete noire: a crystal named after William NICOL.
14 ON,COGEN[t] – COGENT is powerful — though I don’t see how ON is produced by “very little short of”.
15 I(RAN)I – yes, there’s an English cricketer Ronnie IRANI.
16 MARD=rev(dram),IGRAS=(rag is)*
17 [i]T,ROPHESY=(hops, rye)* and it means “state of deranged nutrition”.
19 CHEESE, IT – I naively hazarded THE ASCOT at first but Derby’s also a CHEESE.
22 HAYFIELD – (leafy, hid)* — one of my first clues.
26 SUB=rev(bus),P(OEN=one*)A
28 ORA(TORIA=(a riot)*)L – another early clue.
30 MANTY – the last letter is unchecked and MANTA, MANTO and MANTY are all garments of some sort. The latter being Scottish. I eventually cracked the wordplay: T (IVR for Thailand) in MANY (i.e. the opposite of MANY in T).
31 IN VIT[e],R.,O.
32 [d]OG,IE,R – “legendary Danish hero” not in Chambers and a Great Dane is a dog too! Very well-constructed clue.
33 B,AS,IS – B for breadth.
34 SEA,NS – derived from seine (fishing net), SEA for “main” and N/S is in Chambers as “non-specified”.
35 MESSA,GE=rev(e.g.) – Depeche is MESSAGE but don’t see the rest of the wordplay: “Depeche Mode’s losing supposed force, say when retiring”.


1 KLOOTCH – (cloth OK)*.
2 L(AN)X – yes, it’s a large antique plate: and LX is sixty.
3 TROM=rev(mort),PE – yes, “it’s an apparatus for producing a blast of air in a furnace…” thus a reasonable alternative to a bellows. Jerks are something you do in PE and “mort” is a (loose) woman. At least according to C.
4 CHERE – hidden in “paniC HER Extravagance”.
5 HAND(S)EL – it’s a “coin put inside a new coat” (ref. HANDSEL Monday… a holiday not celebrated in my household usually). Both shilling and schilling would have worked with Georg Frederic HANDEL.
7 AIR,GAS – Chambers defines it as: “producer gas”. Whatever that is.
8 SCAR,CEMENTS – Scots ledges. CEMENTS is “firmly fixes”. And SCAR is a cliff according to Chambers — not sure what value capitalized Mark adds?
9 CON,AT,ION – my last clue I think, meaning: “…processes that lead to purposeful action.”
10 ALI’S,[bou]T – A-LIST cropped up in a fairly recent Azed as well and ref. Mohammed ALI.
12 A(CRONY,MAN)IA – AIA is alt. ayah (eastern nursemaid) and ASBO’s just an example of an ACRONYM.
18 RO(A,DRAG)E – wow! an easy clue.
20 HEURISM – (sir – um – he)*. Derived from heuristic “in which the pupil is set to find out things for himself…”
21 T(EAR)OSE – I’ve encountered TOSE before in Azed for comb — this time, card (see The Big Red Book).
23 FATTEN – hidden.
24 GOLIAS – (goal is)* and TBRB says it’s (ref. Tennyson) “to behave irreligiously”.
25 NO[t],MOS[t] – Ancient Greek administrative province.
27 BINGE – it’s the competition word. Did you write a clue?
29 BRIG[and]

9 Responses to “Azed 1866/binging on Chambers”

  1. Matthew says:

    35 Ac – M(od)ES,(EG AS rev). OD is “Reichenbach’s arbitrary name for a force he supposed to manifest itself in light, magnetism, chemical action, hypnotism etc.” according to Chambers

  2. Amnesiac says:

    6a According to some legends, Casca Longinus is the name of the Roman soldier who put the spear in the side of Jesus (hence “responsible for rent”)

    11a All references I can find give “laari” as an obsolete currency of the Maldives; the Georgian currency is the lari.

    10d The enumeration was given as (5) – surely it’s (1-4)?

    The notes say “Two proper names may be unfamiliar”. Given that there were four proper names (6a, 15a, 32a, 1d), I was wondering which two Azed thought we ought to know. I knew Irani but not the other three; ilancaron implies he didn’t know Irani, so between the two of us we didn’t know any of them :-)

  3. Amnesiac says:

    6a Having checked my facts, ilancaron’s choice of Caesar’s Casca is obviously the right one:

    “See what a rent the envious Casca made”

    Julius Caesar, Act iii, Sc. 2

  4. Amnesiac says:

    13a. Oh, and I think it’s the crystal that’s special as it is cut so as “to transmit only the extraordinary ray” (Chambers).

  5. ilancaron says:

    Chambers has laari as alt. lari which is Georgian currency — but I think you’re right that the alternate spelling only applies to the Maldives currency — probably a definitional misreading by Azed. The whole def of lari in C is: “the standard monetary unit of Georgia; (also laari) a monetary unit in the Maldives”. I guess the semi-colon restricts the alt. spelling to the Maldives only. Oh well.

  6. ilancaron says:

    as for the enumeration of 10D, Azed traditionally is rather lax about hyphenated terms.

  7. Paul says:

    With respect Azed is not in the slightest bit lax… he never indicates hyphens, nor has done, nor did Ximenes before him. There is nothing lax in being consistent.

  8. ilancaron says:

    Consistently lax?

  9. Testy says:

    Personally I would prefer to always see hyphens reflected in the enumeration.

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