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Independent 6678/Dac

Posted by John on March 12th, 2008


As usual, many lovely clues. Am I safe in saying that there’s no Nina? Or is the fact that there were four double clues, all symmetrically placed, somehow significant?

1 ACCLAIMED – l in (academic)*
9 CO(MP)LE X. Perhaps it’s being excessively picky, but in situations like this the “‘s” seems to have no place in the wordplay: it isn’t short for “is” or “has” or “has (next to it)” and – as the wordplay would require – it isn’t short for “which has (next to it)”.
10/11 SNAKE IN THE GRASS – (he’s taken in)* (grass [= nark])
14 COVE(NANTE(s))R I think, although I’m a bit vague about the Presbyterian reference.
15 LIFT I think, presumably referring to the two slightly different meanings – elevator and leg-up. Not very sure about this. Are the two meanings different enough from each other?
18 sCrOuNgEd
19 ALLOWANCES – (sea wall on C(lacton))*. Simple and magnificent.
22 R(EG)IO N
24/26 DESIGNER CLOTHES – (decent shoes girl)*
27 ASININE – sin in E, A at the beginning
28 SM EAR. I’m not sure about “comes to” – surely, it should be [wordplay] comes to [definition], not the other way round?
2 C(A M PERV)AN – Not sure why “camper van” = “having no fixed abode” – not quite the right parts of speech?
3 AILERONS – 1 in (Orleans)*
4 MA(XI SING)LE – I think my remarks by 9A about the “‘s” don’t apply here, since either “men’s” (arguably) = “male”, or the “‘s” is an elliptical form of “which is”
5 VivalDI’S Concertos
6/7 T(RAVE LAG)ENT – nice clue, although in my most pedantic mode I can’t really justify “wanting”
13 B(eatles) E FOREHAND
17 FA(MIL(it)IA)R
20 SURREAL – (rules ar(e))*
21/23 MOTHER GOOSE – (tom rev.) h(ogre rev.)ose
25 thE SAUna. “Esau was an hairy man” [sorry, it’s “is” not “was”. I don’t dare fiddle with all the editing now]

6 Responses to “Independent 6678/Dac”

  1. eimi says:

    Ninas are very rare in Dac puzzles. I can only recall three in my editorship: one for his wife’s birthday, one for his 200th Indy puzzle and ASH in all the across answers for one Ash Wednesday.

  2. Testy says:

    15A I read this as just a cryptic definition.
    2D: presumably “no fixed abode” is the definition and “having” is just a link word, i.e. do the wordplay bit and you will find that you will “have” CAMPER VAN.
    6/7D: I’m with you on “wanting”. I think “finding” would have been much better.

  3. Ali says:

    A puzzle of two halves for me. Everything below 18A went in very quickly, but I got bogged down in the top half, particularly with MAXI SINGLE and TRAVEL AGENT. By the time my bus journey was over, I was just left with that damn penguin. Had to rely on help for that. Otherwise a good puzzle.

  4. Jon says:

    I floundered in the NW corner, having never heard of a Covenanter (I got caught up thinking Calvin must be in there somewhere), and spending too long trying to work out types of academic gatherings… Wikipedia came to the rescue for me as far as the penguin was concerned, having worked out it must end in ‘oo’.

  5. nmsindy says:

    15 across My first entry! I took it as appropriate = lift (steal) so double definition – excellent puzzle.

  6. Testy says:

    Nmsindy: Yes that must be it for LIFT.

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