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Independent 6679 by Punk

Posted by nmsindy on March 13th, 2008


An excellent puzzle from this talented setter.    Solving time, 37 mins.

* = anagram   < = reverse


1 LEAD-FREE PETROL    Got this straightaway – (G)asoline with first letter (lead) off.

8 LIVING WAGE   Excellent cryptic definition.

9  Tony (B)LAIR       More leads off.

10 W (HEAT) EAR     Sport = wear (clothes)

12 I NB RED    Relieved it was not ‘incest’.

13 ROYAL FLUSH    Hand (cards).    Ho-ho.

15  (V)OLGA     Still more leads off.

16 ABE (Lincoln)  D      Though he did not die in retirement of course.

17 PRIEST-HOLE    (Others pile)*


20 GARBLES S (size for a start)      Not in any of my dicts, but clear enough.

22 MARS    My last entry – Mars Bar (chocolate) and the space probe.

25 S (E (A) CAP) TAIN   speed =  pace<

25 EDWARD THE SIXTH   (extra width she’d)*    Son of JS and I think the ‘extra weight’ refers to the pregnancy.


1 L (50) EIGHT ON BUZZ (ring) (A) RD

2 ANIMA  (a man I)*

3 FIG LEAF    (First letters and if) <   i.e.  lifted    Ho-ho.

4 ETA   Ate<

5 P (EE (English couple) V (very)) ISH    (ship)*

6 TOLL (sound)  BOOT (kick)  H (horse)

7 O LIVER GOLD (or) S (M) ITH   (this)*

11 RO(le)  USING

14 A (NDAL U) SIA   (land)*

17 P RAISED     P UP    Guardianesque.

18 SUR(e) PASS

21 LA TEX(as)

24 ASH  Double definition

5 Responses to “Independent 6679 by Punk”

  1. Jon says:

    Lots of good stuff here. 1ac, 13ac, 25ac all stood out for me!

  2. Ali says:

    A great puzzle. Seemed overall a little easier than usual for Punk, but full of clever inventive clues as always.

  3. Colin Blackburn says:

    1a reminded me of a fairly recent clue which included the word ‘etrol’

  4. jetdoc says:

    Returning from holiday, feeling cruciverbally deprived and finding that the Indie was the only acceptable paper available, I completed this while waiting for a delayed connection at Milan airport. Perfect — fun and just challenging enough, but no need for dictionaries etc. 22a was my last entry, too.

  5. Mick H says:

    I had INCEST at first (C might be an abbreviation for cardinal that I just haven’t noticed before, and EST = is in French, Latin etc). “Keep it in the family” is an old chestnut, and I suspect Punk was cheekily leading us up the garden path with that particular red herring.

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