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Independent on Sunday 943 by Quixote (9 Mar 2008)

Posted by nmsindy on March 13th, 2008


Solving time, 21 mins. Some clues explained below, happy to explain others if asked.

< = reversed


1 BA (I) L (l) All refers to cricket – delivery = ball (bowled by the bowler). Bail on top of the wicket.

3 T (RACE) S St = (street)< “Dogs run into street after turning back”. As ?R?C?S, it was my last, TRACKS was tempting but does not fit the worldplay. Looking at dicts ‘traces’ just about equals ‘dogs’ but I’d that ‘not quite sure’ feeling.

11 EAR THY thy = the solver’s no longer = your (obsolete form)

13 RARE “Exceptional Red – not Brown!” Amusing surface suggesting Gordon B. What the setter has in mind here, I think, is meat, using the crossword convention that false capitals are allowed – this convention is also used in 10 across in this puzzle. Red meat is rare.


13 RAB BIN ATE This refers to RA Butler (Conservative politician most prominent in the 1950s or so, known as RAB from those initials)

15 B (ALAN) CE BCE = Before the Common Era – means the same as BC.

19 RE (P) EL P = pedal (abbrev) from music.

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    Renewed thanks to my blogger who I was delighted to meet at The Listener dinner.

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