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Independent 6675 by Nestor

Posted by nmsindy on March 14th, 2008


I’d the privilege of meeting Nestor briefly at the Listener setters’ dinner on the day this puzzle appeared.  I told him I’d struggled with it on the train, but I think he assured me the Nestor puzzles were quite easy!

Solving time:  68 mins.    As always with Nestor, perhaps  partly reflecting not growing up in the UK, a very different and innovative approach.

Not a fully thought out blog but happy to step in for Neildubya



10 EX HUMER(i)

11 NO CAN DO   cf Knockand0

13 EL AND    Elevated railway in the US.    New approach to that crossword regular!

14 E VER SO   Verso

15 FORSOOTH (indeed), I think, but not understood    “Sooty friend enters so as to be revealed indeed”

20 KIPPER   “Cure occupant of bed?”    !!!


27 V AMP(I)RE   cf ampere

28 YO URE TELL ING ME    y o (meringue)*   not sure about tell = ‘poker player’s weakness’ it seems


2 (l) UN (H IN) GE

4 NER (U) D  A

8 BLOODTHIRS TIER   (orbits hold)*


19 SE PP UK U    My last entry (appropriately enough)

21 PRE M (I) UM   Pre-mum!

22 SNIVEL   Levin’s<  I think

3 Responses to “Independent 6675 by Nestor”

  1. Geoff says:

    15ac: Difficult for anyone not growing up in the UK! “Sooty friend” is SOO (panda friend of the bear in the TV children’s series featuring glove puppets); in FORTH this gives FORSOOTH

  2. Paul B says:

    15 looks like SOO (Sooty the glove puppet’s girlfriend) in adverbial FORTH.

    Don’t know whether you’re asking about KIPPER – if so, it’s a dd with vb and ‘one having a kip’.

  3. Testy says:

    A poker player’s “tell” is the habit they display, unconsciously, e.g. a nervous twitch, a tapping of the fingers etc., that might give away whether or not they are bluffing.

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