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Private Eye/Cyclops 360 – Surface intention

Posted by beermagnet on March 16th, 2008


The surface readings of clues in the Eye crossword have become famous for conjuring up delightfully rude and disrespectful images, and of course funny as a result. This crossword did not disappoint. It was a much more enjoyable puzzle than that in the last issue, although it was a fair bit easier.

9 BAGPIPES BAG(PIPE)S Is a churchwarden ever used for other than “pipe” in crosswords?
10 PENURY (Y[o]UR PEN[is])* Dare I repeat this clue?  Of course! Favourite clue award for this:
Tossing your penis, love is lacking, a poor state indeed (6)
11 UGANDA PE reference to “Ugandan relations”
13 BONHOMIE B[ack] ON (for) HO[use] [P]M IE (that is)
14/7 KISS AND TELL STORY ‘X’ = KISS ; plus = AND ; William TELL (who shot his bolt) S[cotland] TORY (politician)
18 LIMPIDLY This was the last I wrote in. I’m not sure of the construction – Is it a DD or a CD or &lit? Probably to do with LIMP and IDLY.  Full clue:
Clearly not up for it, in a shiftless way (8)
19 NARKED NARK (grass) ED Ref Ed Balls now Sec. of State for schools.  I always felt a bit sorry for teachers etc. with unfortunate names – strangely not this bloke.
20 THE LOT HEL[l] (75% torment) inside TOT
21 BAWLS OUT Bawls homophone balls
23 PASSOVER When you “croak” you die thus “pass over”
1/22 SOAP STAR SOAPS TAR  Another one of those surface images (just the sort of thing a B Windsor character might do in a Carry On remake) Full clue:
Perhaps Windsor assists sailor in the bath (4,4)
2 MYOPIA MY OP 1A It helped that the grid did not have a 1 Across to see that IA was intended
3/13 BUGS BUNNY “Shorts” = short films; “Hostess” = Bunny girl
4 STEP ON IT (NEPOTIST)* My fingers wrote in “step to it” when I wasn’t looking, which gave me pause for thought on 13A though the silliness was resolved quickly enough
5 SPIN BOWLER Can’t you bowl a fast ball with spin then? Full clue:
Not a fast deliverer of Alastair Campbell’s business hat (4,6)
6 BEARDIER (BEER AD I[ndependent])* Fungus-grower – Face fungus that is (guilty as charged y’honour)
7 SHAGGY SHAG G[u]Y Rugged as in the rug you walk on I presume
12 NAIL POLISH Skewer tongue
15 SEDATIVE SE[x] then I and V inside DATE
16 BIGHEAD BIG HEAD I was going to say something brilliant about this clue – but you lot might have got the wrong idea about me:
Cocky sort who gives great oral sex (7)
17 SEQUIN Q[uestion] inside (IN USE)*
19 NAWABS A[merican] W[ife] inside NABS (bags)
21/24 BIRD-BRAIN Hen + bash = Dumbo

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 360 – Surface intention”

  1. Ian Watts says:

    Typo on 6d “Beardie” I think.

  2. Zoot says:

    this is how you get limpidly: not up for it = limp. In a listless way = idly. the definition is “clearly”.

    there you go.

    is it just me or have cyclops’ grids been getting harder lately?

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