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Guardian 24344/Rufus – what a scream!

Posted by ilancaron on March 17th, 2008


The serial number is probably a misprint online. Anyway, a rather good Rufus I thought – an &lit here and there, a couple of reasonable cryptic definitions. Overall a pleasant accompaniment to my first cup of tea of the day. And by posting this early I hope I’ve recovered lost karma points for being late on Friday.

1 RAN,CID – nice shift of meaning of “rank” from the surface to the definition.
11 CUT=score, AND=with, THRUST=truths*
13 P(IT)Y – &lit for the appropriate emotion when encountering extreme poverty. Well… we all give money to the homeless don’t we?
14 S[ill]Y,NDROME=modern*
17 FLAME,NCO – Sweetheart’s just FLAME here and not E or WEE.
18 CANT – two meanings.
24 ONE(SIDE)D – SIDE in done*. Good surface.
25 AS,SAS,SIN – ref. the Brit SAS special forces. Again, surface holds together well.


1 A,MO,S – second is just a “MO” and our prophet is from the OT not the Koran.
3 C,ATACLYSM=(stay calm)* – disaster is our anagrind and upheaval is our definition.  
4 DRAFTS=”draughts” – another nice clue with the surface misleading towards military DRAFTS.
8 INVESTMENT – two meanings
12 VILLA,IN,O,US – ref. Aston Villa (English football team).
15 RECESSION=(once rises)* – nice &lit again.
19 SCREAM – groan. As it were.
21 DOG,MA – ref. DOG lead.
22 BETA=beat* – I like “offbeat” indicating a jumble of beat but would a purist complain?

10 Responses to “Guardian 24344/Rufus – what a scream!”

  1. Barbara says:

    20. Fiddlesticks

    Got this from the wordplay .. but what’s the definition?

  2. Eileen says:

    20. FIDDLES,TICKS: definition is ‘bows’.

  3. Shirley says:

    Can anyone please explain why 9A (Contract)means pick up a bargain?
    And why is 7D (Nicer)to be more exact?

  4. Amnesiac says:

    9a Double definition: contract = pick up as in a disease; contract = bargain
    7d nice means exact or precise (its original sense), so more exact would be nicer.

  5. Ygor says:

    4D Can anyone explain how “draught” and “draft” are used in the UK? In the USA “draft” is used for all senses, except for “checkers”.

  6. nmsindy says:

    Not comprehensive, Ygor, but ‘draft’ is mainly used for writings, plans etc and ‘draught’ for almost everything else – drink from casks, current of air etc.

  7. linxit says:

    We draw a bank draft or have an overdraft, but have draught beer and play draughts. We might write the first draft of a novel, or get a draughtsman to draw up some plans. We don’t have a military draft any more, but if we did I think it would be the same spelling as in the US.

  8. Ygor says:

    Many thanks.

  9. John Dryburgh says:

    Help ,can anyone give me the answer to 16 down and why. John D

  10. ilancaron says:

    INCENSES – two meanings

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