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Guardian 24340/Araucaria

Posted by Colin Blackburn on March 19th, 2008

Colin Blackburn.

As ever a few liberties taken here and there by Araucaria but on the whole a fair puzzle.




1 PSALMS S in PALM+S the Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday. The implied Sunday has to be abbreviated for this to work.
4 APERIENT APE + INTER* took me a while to see this one as you need to read it as inter changed. 26!
10 PRINTING ? not sure about this one. PG = lodger (paying guest) though I had to look that up. How is RINTIN “Alsatian largely”? Full clue is, “Lodger keeps Alsatian largely to make an impression (8)”
11 FISH OUT OF WATER dd to fish out of water!
13 GOOSE LIVER GOO + REVILES< 1 is PATE but in true crossword sense can be read as PATE.
14 PERILUNE PERIL+UNE cf perigee. As is normal with Araucaria when a word is split over two lights each light is a distinct word.
18 SHEEPISHLY SHE+EPIS+H(o)LY “begins episcopate” leads to EPIS, a bit of a liberty…
25 LANDLADY N in LAD + LAD + Y …and another. Can Y = York without being part of NY?
2 AMERIGO ER in AMIGO the explorer who gave his name to America.
3 MISCHIEF M IS CHIEF 21 is MON(K)EY BUSINESS. “M” is James Bond’s boss.
5 PURPOSELESS O.S.E in PURPLE+SS the E here is the start of eleven = XI.
8 TIGER LILY (GRILL YET I)* nice surface with (flower) bed well hidden.
12 UNINHABITED UNI(o)N+HABITED not sure about the surface here, at least the “…is desert” bit, but I like HABITED for “being dressed like a nun”.
13 GOLD MEDAL OLD+ME+D in GAL ME = the setter.
15 LIONS DEN ON in D(a)NIELS* &lit very nice.

9 Responses to “Guardian 24340/Araucaria”

  1. beermagnet says:

    10A Rin-tin-tin was an Alsation

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    Thanks. I think that makes 10 a very difficult clue to cold solve. I know about Tintin but Rin-tin-tin was a bit before my time!

  3. Comfy Settee says:


  4. Geoff says:

    12dn: The original meaning of ‘desert’ (as an adjective) is ‘uninhabited” – a desert island is one without people, not one without water!

    10ac was my last entry to complete the puzzle, but once I had come up with PRINTING I spotted the “paying guest” and Rin-Tin-Tin rang a bell (onomatopoeic pun?) even though it is a bit before even my time…

  5. Colin Blackburn says:

    I get the use of desert to define UNINHABITED, I just don’t get what it is meant to suggest in the surface reading.

  6. Geoff says:

    Sorry, Colin! My interpretation was that ‘desert’ in the surface reading should be pronounced deSERT (with the stress on the second syllable), as in ‘(getting ones) just desert’, ie being dressed as a nun is the reward for a loveless marriage. If this explanation is correct, the clue might have read better with a dash instead of ‘and’.

  7. aferick says:

    12d “loveless marriage” = union without O plus “dressed as nun” habited

  8. Fletch says:

    Aferick: Colin clearly understood the mechanics of the wordplay, it’s the SURFACE he’s questioning.

  9. FlutterBy says:

    A few you missed, Colin. (Unless it’s just that my iPad doesn’t show them?)

    9a. THEIST. T (time) + HEIST (crime).
    21a. MON(K)EY BUSINESS. K=monarch.
    23a. DOGTOOTH. DO (ditto) + TO in GOTH(ic).
    24a. ADRIFT. AD (publicity) + RIFT (split).
    26a. INDEED. Anagram of DENIED.

    1d. PATE. Not quite PATER (father).
    6d. RENOWN. Hidden in ‘furnituRE NOW Named’.
    7d. EPISTLE. Anagram of SLEEP IT, but very loose clueing in terms of definition: Book with Psalms?
    19d. HOSPICE. PIC (film) in HOSE (stockings).
    20d. RECOIL. REC (play area) + OIL (fuel). REC is short for RECreation ground.
    22d. STUD. Double def. Type of poker and adornment of nose/ear.

    I thought FISH OUT OF WATER was brilliant.

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