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Guardian 24344/Rufus

Posted by linxit on March 24th, 2008


Solving time 14:43

I raced through the top half in a couple of minutes, but then struggled with the bottom half and really struggled with the SE corner. Nothing particularly difficult and all seemed pretty straightforward once I got them, so it was just down to me losing the plot rather than the clues being tougher. Really good surface readings throughout, not a shaky one to be seen.

1 INSIGHT – “incite”. Pretty dubious homophone, as the stress is on the wrong syllable no matter what your accent.
5 SNIPES – good CD. Maybe it’s because the test match is on at the moment, but I was fooled by the cricket surface until I got a couple of crossing letters.
15 ISRAELITES – (realise it’s)*
20 SPOT(LIGHT)S – previous nonsense removed after Eileen’s comment!
26 GROYNE – “groin”. A mole can also be a breakwater.
27 ELEMENTS – double def.
28 RAKISH (Shark I)* – I thought “into the wild” was quite a good definition really.
29 TE(T)ANUS – last letter of aunT in Austen* – tried for far too long to find a word with EMMA in it!

1 I,A,GO – the villainous character in Shakespeare’s Othello.
3 GUERNSEY – (us,energy)* – got this from crossing letters, then realised it was an anagram.
6 NAR,ROW – RAN rev
8 SURREALIST (I, art’s rules)* – good anagram &lit., although it could be argued that the cryptic grammar requires the I to be at the start of the word rather than mixed in with the anagram fodder.
14 GROUND,WORK – I was fooled into thinking this was an anagram of (land, labour) for a while.
24 AN(O)N
25 IS,IS – a bit unfair. If the clue said “Goddess is first and last”, I’d have got it in a second.

4 Responses to “Guardian 24344/Rufus”

  1. ilancaron says:

    Rufus at his best. Solid CDs and great surfaces. I really like 29A: “Austen novel” was very misleading as you noted.

  2. Eileen says:

    20A: I don’t know ‘spot’ in that sense. I thought it was SPOT[LIGHT]S [clue solution inside [accommodated by] SPOTS [positions].

  3. linxit says:

    You’re right, Eileen. I misread it as “…accommodate clue solutions”, and then thought how to justify “accommodate”.

  4. radchenko says:

    For 8dn, isn’t “in bizarre fashion” the anagrind for “art’s rules”, and “one breaking” [into] that gives you SURREALIST, with the whole thing &lit.

    I thought this was a really brilliant clue.

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