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Independent No 6688 by Punk

Posted by NealH on March 24th, 2008


* = anag, < = reversed, () = dropped

The bird theme made this crossword the easiest Monday puzzle for some time, but the clues were all well-constructed and there were some good cryptic definitions.

1 Pelican: Pen around lic(e) + a.
5 Crossed: Dec< around Ross. I assume the male name is Ross. It’s not common as a first name but does occur (as in Ross Noble, for example).
9 Fantastic: Ant in fast + ic. I wasn’t sure about the “ic” for “I see”. There’s nothing to indicate it’s a soundalike, so I assume it must be an accepted abbreviation, although it’s not in my dictionary. Or are Instant Messaging abbreviations now creeping into crosswords ?
10 Snipe: double def.
11 Ibis: Bi(rd)< + is.
12 Favourites: Fa + our in vites. A Punk favourite – the single word used to represent wordplay.
14 Peacock: Peck around a co.
15 Martin: Double def.
19 Easter: s in eater + neat cryptic def.
20 Chicken: double def.
23 First Class: First lass around c.
25 Rhea: soundalike of rear.
27 Mavis: M + avis (latin for bird).
28 Montezuma: Cryptic definition based on Montezuma’s revenge.
29 Dynasty: D(add)y + nasty.
29 Tannery: Try around anne + cryptic def (“hides”) attempting to mislead you into thinking this was another bird themed clue.
1 Puffin: puffin(g)
2 Lankiness: Lane around kin + ss.
3 Chat: double def.
4 Nuthatch: Nut + hatch.
5 Cuckoo: Double def.
6 Observance: (carves bone)*.
7 Swift: Double def.
8 Dressing: Cryptic def (activity after rising = dressing).
13 Scientists: (insects)* around ist.
16 Tree house: Cryptic def (spruce tree).
17 Perfumed: Peru around f + med.
18 Chestnut: Double def.
21 Blimey: By around lime.
22 Canary: Canard (French for duck) with the last letter altered.
24 Raven: (C)raven.
26 Tern: soundalike of “turn”.

2 Responses to “Independent No 6688 by Punk”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyed this, not as easy for me as NealH found it. I C = I see is, I think, there from long usage and I pencilled in the C in a crossing word before solving.
    The SE corner was the trickiest with MONTEZUMA and having to know the French for duck. I liked the cryptic definitions for TREE HOUSE and DRESSING.

  2. Jon says:

    The bird theme made this the hardest Monday crossword for me for a while. I gave up on the bottom half round 10:30 last night…

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