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Guardian 24347/Logodaedalus

Posted by Colin Blackburn on March 27th, 2008

Colin Blackburn.

A fairly straightforward puzzle with a small amount of word play en clair. There were a couple of tougher clues in here too.




7 TURNOVER TURN OVER …a page as a reader might do.
12 ENCORE NCO in ERE NCO stands out a little obviously in this clue.
14 OMELETTE sOME LETTErs nice hidden clue though it’s probably been used before in some form.
22 BACKER dd the two definitions here seem very much the same. An angel is the backer of a play or other performance.
23 CLOISTERED (TREE IS COLD)* I’m not keen on ‘like this’ to indicate an anagram. I thought it might somehow use the clue in some semi-&lit way but I can’t see it.
24 MAYO MAY+O again, MAY is very clear in the clue.
25 BAGNIO (A BINGO)* a BAGNIO is a house where rooms could be rented with no questions asked.
26 CHINAMAN dd a CHINAMAN is a type of cricket delivery, ie a bowl.
1 AUDIENCE dd the clue has to be separated into ‘gate’ and ‘house’ to define audiences in stadia and theatres respectively.
4 INNOCENT dd there was at least one pope called Pope Innocent.
8 REASON RE A SON(g) strain = song!
16 IDIOT BOX IDIOT + BOX slang for television.
18 EVERYMAN MARY* in EVEN definition is ‘Tom, Dick or Harry’.
21 I’LL SAY (SALLY + I)* this got me for a short while as the answer isn’t simply (3,3) as crossword convention would have it.
22 BODKIN BOD+KIN I’m not sure about ‘in the’ as the connector here.

15 Responses to “Guardian 24347/Logodaedalus”

  1. Chris says:

    Easiest Gaurdian crossword for a while, this one.

  2. Chris says:

    “Guardian”, even.

  3. Dave Ellison says:

    22 d. The paper clue is “Old dagger for person with family”

  4. Colin Blackburn says:

    Dave, thanks for posting that. For those paper solvers the online clue is:
    “Needle discovered by old fellow in the family (6)”

  5. Qaos says:

    Chris, normally every time I think the same thing, an Enigmatist one comes along soon after to address the balance :-) Taking bets now …

  6. Comfy Settee says:

    Flew through this one, before getting stuck for *ages* in the top left hand corner…. (didnt help that I carelessly wrote CHANCE into 3d (instead of AVENUE) without thinking about it). D’oh. The apostrophe in 21d also threw me for a while.

    I thought 1d was the trickiest though, personally – AUDIENCE, quite clever that….

  7. Ron says:

    26a. Being only slightly pedantic, and even though the answer was pretty obvious, ‘bowl’ is not a cricketing noun – ‘bowl’ is a verb, ‘ball’ is the noun!

  8. Colin Blackburn says:

    Ron, you’re right to be pedantic. My explanation shouldn’t have tried to use the same device used in the clue without a (sic) after it.

  9. Geoff says:

    Agree with Comfy Settee – straightforward apart from top left hand corner, and AUDIENCE (a very good clue, nevertheless) was also my last entry.

    Clue for 24a had rather strange grammar (in the paper version: ‘What may be in this sauce? May a duck’s egg?). Too many ‘mays’. ‘May a duck’s egg be in this sauce?” would have been conciser, and more satisfyingly &lit.

  10. Qaos says:

    24a: Another difference between the print and online version – the online version is “May nothing be added to this sauce?” It might be more concise, but in some ways it’s less pleasing than Geoff’s &lit version.

  11. Colin Blackburn says:

    24a online was “Chap eats nothing but beef (4)”.

    Just how different were these two Logodaelalus puzzles? And, how do two such different puzzles arise—though that’s a question that should be addressed to Hugh Stephenson.

  12. Colin Blackburn says:

    Sorry, I was quoting 24d. 24a is as Qaos quotes but my question still stands.

  13. muck says:

    I agree, Colin. It is disturbing not know whether the on-line and paper versions may be even slightly related. When in UK, I don’t look at the on-line version. When elsewhere, I can’t easily get the paper version.

  14. Paul B says:

    You do wonder sometimes, with The Guardian, about the communication twixt left and right hands.

  15. Colin Blackburn says:

    Surely, the Guardian has no right hand, it has a left hand and a centre-left hand.

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