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Guardian 24,348 (Shed)

Posted by diagacht on March 28th, 2008

1 RIDICULE: CID (reversed) in RULE containing I
9 ANIMUS: NIM (old game) in AUS
10 AGATHA: AA aroung GATH (gun)
11 HIGH JUMP: a field event and what the doomed man is in for
13 MARASCHINO: anagram of O (old) + CHAIRS + MAN
15 REVAMPS: AVER (reversed) + MPS
16 TRIBADE: IB (I was expecting ‘ibid’) in TRADE
18 CHAUCERIAN: CHAN (as in Jackie Chan) around AIR + ECU (reversed); the ecu was a form of european currency
19 TOYS: being TOnYS without the N; reference is to the Antoinette Perry Awards for Theatre
20 ENTANGLE: E + NT (books) + ANGLE
22 BREWER: B (bishop) + RR (right revd, therefore bishop) around EWE
23 SELECT: SECT around EL (Chicago Elevated Train)
2 TINTINNABULATES: 1 part 1 is ring, the definition; TINTIN (cub reporter) + NATES (buttocks) around ABUL (as in ABdUL without the d, the heart). This was the last clue I filled in.
3 SUGAR MAPLE: MAGUS (reversed) around R + APLE (hollow ApPLE)
4 LECHERY: LEERY around CH (Order of the Companions of Honour)
7 SUMMONED BY BELLS: as in Betjeman’s autobiography and Pavlov’s experiment
14 SPINGBUCK: SPRING BUCK (more usually springbok)
17 DIVERSE: VID (reversed and shortened form of video) + ERSE (language of lowland Scots)

15 Responses to “Guardian 24,348 (Shed)”

  1. Andrew says:

    The online version has the incorrect enumeration of (15) rather than (5,3,7) – had me confused for a while.

  2. Chris says:

    The print version has (15) too. Very confusing.

  3. David says:

    Shouldn’t 10a be aha around gat?

  4. Eileen says:

    Could 13A be N[ew]CHAIRS* inside MAO [old chairman]?

  5. Ian says:

    2 down TINTINABULATES is only 14 letters the solution requires 15

  6. Andrew says:

    I agree with Dave about 10A, and witj Eileen about 13A.

    Ian – blogger’s typo for TINTINNABULATES I guess, as the wordplay shown is correct.

  7. Shirley says:

    Can anyone explain 16A please? What is an IB?
    We also spent ages on 1D as the online version said it was a 15 letter word. Why can’t somebody check these things before publication?
    I have emailed the editor so will let you all know if I get an answer.

  8. Geoff says:

    Well done, Eileen – I could see the (CHAIRS)* and MARASCHINO was plainly the solution, but I couldn’t see the old chairman (‘old’ = O having decoyed me).

    I got 6d, 7d, 2d quite easily – in that order – but the erroneous enumeration for 1d made this almost the last clue I solved.

    Some very good clues here; quite a lot of the solutions incorporate words which need to be reversed – 3d, 8a, 15a, 18a and (my favourite) 24a.

  9. Eileen says:

    Shirley: ‘ib.’ abbr. for ‘ibid.'[as diagacht said he was expecting – me too!] abbr. for Latin ‘ibidem’, ‘in the same place’.

  10. diagacht says:

    Apologies for typo in 2 dn. I have now corrected it.
    I like Eileen’s answer for 13a and David’s for 10a (with the alternative spelling for the same gun). These are both better explanations.
    On 16a, a TRIBADE is a female homosexual (dictionary definition, Chambers). TRADE is traffic and IB (or IBID) is the typical footnote pointer to finding something in the same place.

  11. Geoff says:

    Shirley: ‘ib’ or sometimes ‘ibid’ is an abbreviation for ‘ibidem’ – Latin for ‘in the same place”. It is used in reference lists in academic papers, to avoid having to repeat the name of the source in full when there are references to different pages or sections of the same work.

  12. Dave Ellison says:


    Because it was given as 15 and mentioned variety, I thought for ages that it must begin Changes…..

    I got “Summoned by Bells” quite quickly, and then had stuck in mind changes as in bell ringing.

    Couldn’t 7d refer to 1 rather than 1 part 1 (though that would destroy the symmetry with 2d).

  13. Shirley says:

    Thanks to Eileen,Diagacht and Geoff for putting me right on IB.

  14. Stan says:

    I have to admit I got absolutely nowhere with this – thank goodness someone competent was on blogging duty today.

  15. Shed says:

    My apologies to all for the misleading letter count in 1dn. It was entirely my fault and I failed to spot it in the proof. Will try to be more careful in future.

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