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Azed 1869 / Plain – Stiff Challenge

Posted by tilsit on March 30th, 2008


Solving Time: 55 minutes (with assistance on two clues from the wonderful Eric)

Whether it’s because I am off solving barred puzzles at the moment, I can’t say, but this certainly took me a fair amount of time and was definitely a puzzle of two halves, top and bottom!

One or two explanations might be a little shady, but I am happy to be corrected.

ACROSS   (*) = Anagram   (R) = Reversal

1  VOAR   A inside  VO (Abbreviation for  “verso” – the left page of a book) + R.

9 BACH   BA (Scottish for ball – as in ‘fitba’) + CH (Centre Half).  The def, I think, refers to what a Welsh team-mate would shout, hence “Gareth”.  Not impressed with this clue.

13  AURUM POTABILE  U (Universal/fully) + RUM inside AP (printer’s abbreviation for before) + BOIL TEA*.  Aurum Potabile was a  medicine which allegedly contained a small amount of gold.

14 STOMPER   Hidden answer

15  INTRON  NT (‘not’ contracted) inside IRON (one robust)

17  WASTEFUL  WAS + T = FUEL*  Liked this clue.

18  LOUVRE  V (number forming quintet) inside LOURE (an old Scots dance tune).

19  NUCLIDE  N +  EUCLID with first letter moved to end.

22  PETROLAGE  PET (Cherished) + ROLAG (ball of wool) + E  – Petrolge was a method of treating sheep with the fuel to get rid of mosquitoes.


26  OTELLO  The first clue I solved.  O  +  TELL + O  Again a nice clue.


32  COATEE    OAT in CEE (Spring)  In Chambers under COAT

33  MAHONIA   MANIA around HO (House)

34  INSENSATENESS  Although this came to e fairly quickly, I had trouble parsing the clue, so here goes  SIN* + ENSATE (Sword-like, hence allusion to Damocles) + NESS (Head).

35  ADES  John Milton’s name for the Underworld.  (SH)ADES

36  AGHA  hidden answer


1  VASAL  Not sure about this one.

2  OUTDO  OU =  Dark Blues (Oxford University) + TDO  (Taking degree??)  Help!

3  RUME   RUM (Bizarre)  + E .  Rume is a Shakesperian form of ‘rheum’  – poetic tears.

4  IMPERTINENT  I think what Azed is saying is that one who is an IMP, when added to an anagram of TENNER and IT is IMPERTINENT.

5.  SPEWER   P inside SEWER  A cloaca was, I think, a Roman sewer.

6 TORAN    TO (Tax Officer)  + RAN (as in bootleg)

7  UTIS     (FL)UT(E) [Member of wind section not flat at fringes]

8  WANT CATCHER   In Chambers, a want is a mole.  Perhaps I’m wrong but I wonder if Azed clued this as ANT (Chap) inside NEW CHART*

10  AIRFIELD  Definition is  Maybe strip,   RIFLE* inside AID.

11  CLOUDY   LOUD (obtrusive) replacing RANK in CRANKY (Eccentric)

12  HENLEY  HEN + YEL(L) [r]

16  PUPACASE  Not sure how this works out.

20  ACACIA   AC + A + CIA

21 SECOND   Double def

23  LORATE  “Strap-hanger” = commuter.  OR inside LATE

25  GO MAD   MA inside GOD

27  LEISH    Hidden answer

28 OMASA  Compound anagram  OMASA + AT STENCH =  A NEAT’S STOMACH

30  TEST   Double def

31  ZONA   What Azed is asking you to do is “reverse part of a LB, that would give you  AN OZ – however here it shows alb therefore the answer should be similarly unsplit  to give ZONA.

5 Responses to “Azed 1869 / Plain – Stiff Challenge”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    13 Ac: the wordplay here I think is A (ante = before) + RUM in UP (fully) + anag.

    1 Dn: this is VAS(-s)AL

    2 Dn: I think this is OU + D in TO (before).

    Strange but true: in Eimi’s Independent puzzle two days prior to this one, I noticed the final grid contained BACH running across in the NE corner, and ACACIA running down in the SW corner – as was exactly the case in this puzzle! I know, I should get out more …

  2. Richard Heald says:

    … and 16 Dn is UP (rev.) + AS in PACE.

  3. Richard Heald says:

    … and 8 Dn works if we assume “chap” to be CAT.

  4. Robert Zara says:

    7 down is flaUTISt, I think

  5. roland says:

    It’s a relief to know I wasn’t the only person to register discomfort with two clues: mild in the case of ZONA, rather less mild with BACH, where “Gareth” still seems like a rude and over-specific intrusion (if all it’s doing is giving the clue a Welsh flavour..). I spent two days trying to remember if there was ever a centre-half called Gareth -ach.

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