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Guardian 24,350 – Brendan

Posted by manehi on March 31st, 2008


Mostly straightforward from Brendan today, some easy anagrams and a couple of hidden words – I was racing towards one of my quicker times until I ran into 2 down.

Edit: missed the theme first time round: “Internal Relations”, present at the head of the printed crossword but not online, points to LEGEND, YARN, ROMANCES, TALE, EPIC and ACCOUNT hidden in the across rows.

6 GENDER – cryptic def, and one of the nicer clues.
9 MAGYAR – (army)* around A and [Hun]G[ary]. Magyars are Hungarians, for the most part.
10 NAUTICAL – (a lunatic)*
11 PROM – PeRfOrMs
13 INSIDE STORY – “Basis for scoop”, and INSIDES TORY. Not sure what “as seen in other rows” is doing, unless it’s a reference to 21a and Alec Douglas Home. Quite a stretch, if it is. It isn’t. See above.
18 BREADFRUIT – bread = money, of course, and I take it that breadfruit grow in the Pacific. I suppose this is a cryptic def.
21 ALEC – ALE, C[reamy]. Nice.
23 PICK-UP – a vehicle, and an improvement, which can be economic.
25 BARSAC – BARS, A = top mark, C = clubs. Barsac is a french white.
25 COUNTY – COUNT, [da]Y
2 GLORIA – guessed in the end. Clue (online) is “Female’s contribution to mass production (6)”. A quick Google doesn’t reveal any obvious links between Glorias and mass production, but I’m sure one could be found. Once I post this I’ll go and buy the paper on the off chance that they’ve printed a nicer clue. Edit, thanks to Nabokov1 – the Gloria is a part of the Catholic Mass.
3 GET UPSET – “get up set” suggests something like getting a set up on someone on a tennis court.
4 EDGIER – E[xpedition] + (ridge)*
7 READER – double def.
8 UNSCHEDULED – (dud clues he n)*, n = new
14 INFORMAL – I + NORMAL around F
16 PR,E,FAB – PR being proportional representation, E = key
17 PENURY – PEN = writer, “y r u” sounds like “why are you”, then jumble them
20 TIP-TOP – TOP = spinner following TIP = “gratuitous advice”.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24,350 – Brendan”

  1. nabokov1 says:

    Gloria is a sung part of the Catholic Mass.

  2. Mick H says:

    There’s actually a delightful hidden theme here – INSIDE STORY is seen in the other rows if you read across between each of the pairs of across clues – LEGEND in the first, and so on.
    I had marked out GENDER as a possible thematic clue, seeing only the wordplay – GEN, DER – and not the definition. In fact it’s a cryptic def+lit.

  3. manehi says:

    Mick, I noticed the theme as soon as I filled out the paper version – I guess I was editing while you commented. But how did you get the GEN part of 6a’s wordplay?
    Will edit 2d as well.

  4. beermagnet says:

    6A GEN is information

    I’m beginning to think I can never see these hidden things, damn it. I spent ages looking at the completed (bar 2) grid trying to see “relations” such as Sis Bruv etc. somewhere hoping it would help with the missing pair – which it would have for one if I’d seen it.

  5. radchenko says:

    I know that it is a Brendan, so you’d reasonably expect a theme; there is a broad hint so there really must be a theme…

    But I complete the crossword and still can’t get it, until it is pointed out on here. It is so clever, and so elaborate, yet I am still disappointed that I didn’t see it.

    Ah well…

  6. Colin Blackburn says:

    17d I think it’s YRU written upwards rather than simply jumbled.

    Radchenko, the central answer is often the key for this type of Brendan/Virgilius thematic. It’s always worth checking if that answer has a cryptic meaning.

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