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Independent Crossword No 6694 by Hypnos

Posted by NealH on March 31st, 2008


* = anag, < = reversed, () = dropped

A moderately difficult puzzle with a couple of excellent clues in 3 and 22 dn. There was one I didn’t quite follow (12 down).

1 Stuccoed: cuts< + co-ed.
6 Cusack: Cu(p) + sack. You can take your pick on which actress it is – it could be Sinead, Niamh or Sorcha.
9 Away from it all: (warm foal it lay)*
10 Staler: S + taler (taler was a European coin from which the word dollar was derived).
11 Launcher: Launch + re<
13 Crimewatch: Crew around i m + (chat)*
15 Note: Not(t)e. I don’t speak any Italian, so had to take a guess that notte is Italian for night.
16 Scag: Sag around c. This puzzled me for a long time as the only meaning of the word scag I know is as slang for heroin rather than an equine. However, eventually I recalled from somewhere that “horse” is also slang for heroin.
18 Restaurant: (near a trust)*.
21 Somerset: homophone of summer + set.
22 Entomb: M + (bet no)*. Top class clue with a good football-related surface reading.
23 Dustin Hoffman: Dust + in ho + (naff)< around m. Never heard of dust as meaning fuss before but it’s in the dictionary.
25 Crunch: Crutch with t swapped for n.
26 Landseer: Land + (rees)<
2 Traitor: Trait + or. Refers to Anthony Blunt.
3 Charlemagne: magne(t) after charle(y). An excellent and very deceptive clue which had me convinced for a long time that it was a synonym for “frank” rather than a reference to the Frank people.
4 Offer: Soundalike of “offa”.
5 Droplet: Drop + let (let being a rule on a tennis court).
6 Chihuahua: Cryptic def.
7 Spa: Spa(des).
8 Culvert: rev< in cult. I’m not convinced about cult as a synonym for fashionable. A cult movie is one which a small group of people like rather than one which is universally popular.
12 Contretemps: Didn’t really get this one. “Cameron’s lot set about opening of this network – causing spat”. Cameron’s lot = con, spat = contretemps, but I don’t get the wordplay in the middle.
14 Wordsmith: Cryptic def. I might have missed the point, but I didn’t like this clue much. It was quite difficult to get unless you had a lot of letters in it and I’m not sure I’d describe a wordsmith as someone with an “automatic” communications facility. A “natural” communications facility perhaps, but not automatic.
17 Chowder: Chow + red<.
19 Satchel: Hidden word.
20 Nominee: mine in (eon)*.
22 Elfin: F in nile<.
24 Sun: nus< (NUS = National Union of Students).

6 Responses to “Independent Crossword No 6694 by Hypnos”

  1. 4across says:

    12down, cameron’s lot will be con mps, then its t (opening of this) and tree for network ?

  2. conradcork says:

    a rete is a network.

  3. nmsindy says:

    6 across – or Cyril, their father.

    12 down, yes, I agree CON T RETE MPS.

    Found this very enjoyable and quite tricky – quite happy with WORDSMITH which was my favourite clue. Thought CRUNCH and NOMINEE were excellent too.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Sorry, it said actress, didn’t it?

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    I agree with NealH – WORDSMITH seems very feeble and like him I wonder what I’m missing. Cyril Cusack was quite major in his time and I wonder why Hypnos ignored him when he could easily have said “Actor or actress” or even just “actor” – it seems to be PC nowadays to call them all actors. And there’s also John Cusack (as I discovered when trying to see if Cyril C was still alive).

  6. DUNCE says:

    Smith…Smith and Wesson maybe…?

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