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Guardian 24351/Araucaria – April Fools!

Posted by linxit on 1st April 2008


I wondered if there might be a thematic puzzle today, and when I saw it was by Araucaria I pretty much knew I was right. The preamble stated that any E’s in the answers should be replaced by one of the characters in APRIL FOOLS DAY to make a valid word or phrase, but the joke is that there aren’t any E’s in any of the answers (see 21D, 12A)! I wonder if the 2nd column of unches is a representation of Araucaria laughing his head off at us: AUAOAHAA.

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Independent 6695/Virgilius – Fool-ish

Posted by neildubya on 1st April 2008


A classic themed puzzle from Virgilius, which I was on to before I’d filled a single answer in as I saw “Idiot” twice in the Across clues, plus “nincompoop” and then quickly realised the date. Appropriately enough, 17a was the first answer I filled in and after that the various fools came rushing in, as it were.
As a sidenote, I see that Virgilius (as Brendan) was responsible for yesterday’s Guardian puzzle so all he needs now is for tomorrow’s Times puzzle to be one of his to complete the hat-trick. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 12730 / by Quark

Posted by C G Rishikesh on 1st April 2008

C G Rishikesh.

Indian wrestling


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