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Independent 6695/Virgilius – Fool-ish

Posted by neildubya on April 1st, 2008


A classic themed puzzle from Virgilius, which I was on to before I’d filled a single answer in as I saw “Idiot” twice in the Across clues, plus “nincompoop” and then quickly realised the date. Appropriately enough, 17a was the first answer I filled in and after that the various fools came rushing in, as it were.
As a sidenote, I see that Virgilius (as Brendan) was responsible for yesterday’s Guardian puzzle so all he needs now is for tomorrow’s Times puzzle to be one of his to complete the hat-trick.

7 (HEAD YES)* – HAYSEED, a derogatory term for yokel, was new to me although easy to guess once a few letters were in.
10 DUN,CE – DUN means to make repeated demands for payment so “pressure church to pay” = DUN CE.
12 L in COD,PATE – CLODPATE was another new one for me but very gettable from the wordplay.
21 IC in YORK – the 14a from “Hamlet” and the subject of a common misquotation: Hamlet does not say “Alas poor Yorick. I knew him well”; he in fact says, “Alas poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio…” So now you know.
22 hidden in “joB ONE HE ADored” – very well hidden.
25 (MICHELLE’S)* – I sort of knew this but wasn’t sure about the spelling so had to wait for a few letters to go in before committing myself. SCHLEMIEL is a Yiddish word for an unlucky person or someone for whom things never go right.
27 GOOSE – I was unsure about “smoother touch” when I filled this in but I’ve just looked it up and found that a GOOSE is a tailor’s smoothing iron.
6 T[-o]WER,P – I thought this was very cleverly done, with some well disguised wordplay.
8 N in DOORS – “roughly equally” tells us that the N doesn’t quite go in the middle of DOORS.
9 hidden in “thE DICTionary”
19 HYS,SOP – which is SOPHY’S cut in half and the bits switched around.
20 RED,DO (going up)
28 O,OIL (going up) – an OLIO is a mixture or medley.

One Response to “Independent 6695/Virgilius – Fool-ish”

  1. Al Streatfield says:

    Nice puzzle. I solved most of it fairly quickly but it took me ages to get CLODPATE and TWERP.

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