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Independent 6693/Scorpion

Posted by neildubya on April 4th, 2008


This seemed quite a bit easier than previous Scorpion puzzles but still provided lots to chew over. I liked 23a and the definition in 17d is excellent.

5 MIR[-ror],AGE
10 UNION CARD – can’t work this one out: “ID, carried on van, perhaps by revolutionary character”.
14 (HANGS)*,E,AD – I got suckered into thinking that “boozer” meant someone who drinks, rather than a place to drink, so this took a while to get.
16 TO in RAG< – GATOR. Cleverly worded clue, although it does result in a slightly surreal surface.
20 IS<,I in (BLUES)* – should have been quicker with this as SIBELIUS is a favourite of mine. Excellent surface reading.
23 SHAM,POOING – “conditioning locks” is the deceptive definition and “doing his business” provides a welcome opportunity for a childish laugh.
27 TOR in NO IO,US
2 IN in CH,WAG – nice &lit clue. WAG is “Wives and Girlfriends” (ie, of a footballer)
5 MEDUSA – didn’t understand when I filled it in but looking at it now I think that “Kansas area” might be MID USA, with E (drug) replacing I (“first”). Or is there more to it than that?
6 RECTANGLE – “wrecked angle”, although I don’t understand the rest: “when addressing crossword form”.
9 GERRARD’S CROSS – the footballer in question being Steven, the Liverpool midfielder and England underachiever.
15 H,EEL PIE,CE – I think I’ve parsed this right as I’ve assumed that “meal perhaps in London” is EEL PIE.
17 INN in TITUS – excellent and very misleading definition: “It’s a problem to lug”.
19 ON,(OPERA)* – (soap) ON A ROPE.
21 (MA[-r]CIANO)* – “Rocky” is practically compulsory as the anagram indicator here.

2 Responses to “Independent 6693/Scorpion”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    10a NU< + (ON+CAR in ID) &lit.

  2. nmsindy says:

    RECTANGLE – Crossword form – while the daily cryptics are square 15X15, other puzzles can be rectangles and anayway a square is a type of rectangle. I think that’s what’s meant here.

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