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Independent 6698/Phi

Posted by John on April 4th, 2008


This took a little longer than usual because so far as I could see there were some rather unusual words and meanings, and I also got one answer wrong, which threw me for a while.

1 HEPATIC – H pa in cite rev.
5 SICKBED – CD I think, “off” meaning “not well”. Or is it “off” as in “nodding off”?
9 TO A DEGREE – 2 mngs
10 STUN G(ingivitis)
12 OR CHEST RA. To avoid the carthorse chestnut is the task for the setter here.
14 CHARACTERISTIC – char(=do) act (it cries)*, def. “Just like you”, which seems a bit odd: surely the definition is really meant to be “Just like”. I can’t quite place the “you”.
17 SUPER SCRIPT 1 ON. A word that not only is not common, but is used in a rare sense, so far as I can see.
21 AND ROME D A, the Greek heroine. “…one with a shred of doubt” is I think just A and D next to each other, in the order DA.
23 RING O (Starr)
24 BIG O(ne) T(hat)
25 GO IT ALONE – (too genial)*
26 LEA(R.(R.R.))NED
27 NODULAR – l in (around)*. This took me ages because of my getting 15dn wrong.
2 P HAR(d) A OH
5 SEE(m)
6 CAST(l)E
7 BLU(E)T IT. The question arises how common a foreign word needs to be before it can be used in a crossword. I’d have thought “blut” was at the edge of acceptability, either just out or just in according to your point of view.
8 DOGWATCH – g in (what cod)*
13 C(REP)ITATION – a word that was new to me and which, according to Chambers anyway, means “crackling”, so the definition is difficult
15 INTERLARD – (later rind)*. I confidently wrote in “interlade”, which of course is impossible. Does the word even exist?
16 I STAN(d) BUL(k)
18 POD AGRA. Had to look this up, but now I realise that I’ve come across it before.
20 V O(YE)UR
22 ORT ON. “Ort” for “small piece” seems a rather unusual word for a broadsheet cryptic. Will Joe Orton eventually be remembered more for his extraordinary lifestyle or for his frequency in crosswords than for his plays?
25 GO(O)D I think, where “promoting health” = “good”.

8 Responses to “Independent 6698/Phi”

  1. Paul B says:

    ‘Greek heroine and source of Latin, one with a shred of doubt’ looks like it ought to be

    AND/ ROME/ A/D

    which is slightly pedantic of me, as ‘one’ (the second A) WITH ‘shred of doubt’ (the D presumably – although you could, one supposes, choose from all 5 ‘shreds’) doesn’t necessarily specify an order.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyed this puzzle, good as always from Phi. The order of the A D in Andromeda worried me a bit too but ‘with’ can mean either way, I guess, though I’d not like to be faced with such a choice on a regular basis. While you do not see it often in the daily cryptics I think convention has established “bit of , shred of” etc etc as the first letter of the word.

  3. Testy says:

    I agree completely with Nmsindy and with Jon regarding BLUT.

  4. Paul B says:

    So do I, as implied.

  5. Richard Palmer says:

    Nice relief after yesterday’s. All done in 15 minutes with no recourse to dictionaries or other aids.
    I didn’t have any problem with BLUT.

  6. Nick Barnes says:

    “Ort” is my favourite disused short English word, and I use it often to encourage its revival. It means “left-overs” or “crumbs”. “Do you want my ort?” “Eat up your ort.” “I’ll clear away the ort.” etc. It’s short and lovely. Use it today!

  7. NealH says:

    Yes, we all ort to use it.

  8. Paul B says:

    Aorta. Aorta builda harba bridge.

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