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Independent 6701/Nimrod

Posted by John on April 8th, 2008


Heavens what an effort. After a long time I’d done very little, and really thought that I’d have to cheat and look at the website, but eventually it all worked out, although there are some that I’m not comfortable with. I’m writing this blog without looking at the answers on the site, so maybe some of this is wrong. But now that I’ve done it all, I think it’s a pretty good crossword, with nice clues and little that I feel I can grumble about.

9 IN RUT. I turn(rev). Very good clue: the def. is ‘periodically, excited’.
10 REISSUING – (is genius r)*
12 ROLAG – galor(e) rev. Not a word that many people will be familiar with, I suspect. I certainly wasn’t and only got it once all the checking letters were there.
13 MAIL TRAIN – (trial)* in main
15 NOTHING ON – 2 mngs
16 NIGHT – 12 isn’t the answer to 12ac, but noon, which is taken from the answer to 15ac and what is left is jumbled
17 INTELLIGENT LIFE – (little feeling in)*. Not sure about ‘pants’ as an anagram indicator, but I suppose in the modern sense of ‘appalling’ it’s OK. Good surface.
20 IMITATING – (I Tati) in Imng, but why is ‘Imng’ ‘Flash rival’? Something about the (Apple? – iMac etc) rival to Macromedia Flash, but what’s it’s name? Googling ‘Imng’ doesn’t help. so far as I can see.
21 BLINI – bikini with (rol)l for 1K. I wasn’t sure about ‘converts’.
22 THREE-COURSE MEAL – I don’t think I get this one properly. I can’t see what ‘sandwich’ has to do with it, and ‘triple-decker’ doesn’t to me imply three courses, but two.
1 BLITHE RING (TO IDI)rev. Idi Amin was the L K of S in the recent film.
2 SPRINGLET – not a word that sprung to mind. The clear delineation of spring as running from March to June seems a bit doubtful – I’d certainly call June summer.
3 NOTTING HILL GATE – (not late lighting)*. Why the ‘?’? Was Nimrod not quite happy with ‘up’ as an anagram indicator? Surely not.
4 politicS PROGramme
5 ARI(ZON(e) 1)AN – the name for an inhabitant of ‘Arizona’, I discover.
6 DISSECTING TABLE – (bald geneticists)*
7 ellE DIT Homme. I’m never very happy with these clues in another language, since they are a problem to people who don’t know that language. ‘Cherchez la femme’ is only just about OK, in my opinion.
13 MAGNIFICO – (OC if in gam)rev.
14 ANGLICISE – (I a single C)*
18 TRIER – not sure about this, but I think it’s right – it’s an unusual word for ‘test’, and someone who tries, tries, and tries again eventually succeeds, according to the saying.
19 EAGER I suspect, but who the supersonic pilot is I’m not sure. I’m writing this before Googling Yeager (thrown up electronically). Yes, there he is. So it’s (Y)eager.

8 Responses to “Independent 6701/Nimrod”

  1. Testy says:

    IMITATING is I and then TATI in MING (Ming the Merciless being Flash Gordon’s enemy).

    8D I still don’t quite get. I understand the allusion to “the pill” and the straight definition “makes bad news better” but, in particular, I can’t see what the “expert” bit is about.

    Not too happy with 1A or 22A either (although I would think that a double decker sandwich would have 2 fillings so a triple decker should have 3). I’m also not sure wether the comma in “periodically, excited” makes sense. “periodically excited” or “excited, periodically” would be OK in my book

  2. neildubya says:

    I struggled with this too. Shouldn’t 8d really be SUGARS THE PILL, given that the clue has “makes bad news better”? Didn’t understand 22a either and 1a seems a bit, well, neither here nor there, if you see what I mean.

  3. muck says:

    I’m new to Nimrod, but picked up the Indy in Paris Gare du Nord with a long day on the train back to Edinburgh, and thought it worth a try. It was tough!

  4. NealH says:

    The Idi Amin as king of Scotland went through my mind but I initially dismissed it because I thought it was too fanciful and wouldn’t get past the editor.

  5. carlos says:

    That was too hard for me, no fun. Does anyone know what has happened to the regular tuesday Virgillius slot?

    Tuesdays are most disappointing without him.

  6. Testy says:

    Apparently Virgillius had to cut down his crossword output due to other work commitments which means he will only tend to appear ever other Tuesday (or thereabouts). I agree Tuesdays are worse off for it.

  7. Paul B says:

    Er, ‘Virgilius’ shurely ladsh.

  8. petebiddlecombe says:

    Three courses: I thought this was to do with golf – the town of Sandwich has two golf clubs, both of which have hosted the Open, and one of which seems to have three courses. Did this in 16-something which I’d count as par for Nimrod when he’s increasing the number of long answers as in this grid.

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