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Guardian 24,358/Araucaria – Roma and Firenza

Posted by beermagnet on 10th April 2008


I saw Eileen’s plea in puzzle G24359 comments and agree with her – this puzzle needs a blog – and made some notes.  Then Real Life got in the way.  Then I saw Muck’s comment over on the G Talk site which I have shamelessly raided.
So I have slapped this blog in without a by-your-leave (and by now after too much to drink). So let’s see if it is still there in the morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 12,738 (Bradman)

Posted by diagacht on 10th April 2008


Yesterday Cinephile, today Bradman – it’s been an interesting couple of days. Some rather odd words in here! Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6703/Punk

Posted by neildubya on 10th April 2008

9 KIN,IS,G,ZED – I always think KIN whenever I see “family” so I got this fairly quickly.
10 SINUS – the wordplay seems to be IN in SUS but how does SUS = “Texas”? Is it S[outh],US? If so that’s a bit vague.
12 OV,ERR,EACH – “conclusion of many Russians” for OV (e.g RomanOV, IvanOV) had me puzzled for ages.
13 OARLOCK – “man spelling” is WARLOCK (a man who practises witchcraft) so replace the W with O. The surface seems complete nonsense to me though (maybe I’m missing something) and I can’t help but think this is an oddly contrived sort of clue.
16 EG in LOVER – cheeky &lit
22 SO,DO,M – I guess we can justify M for McDonalds on the basis that their logo – “the golden arches” – is an M.
26 (TRAVEL FINE IM)* – TERMINAL FIVE. I don’t know if this was Punk being very prescient by managing to predict the chaos of T5’s opening or if the clue/puzzle was published with a shorter-than-usual lead time but either way this is a very apposite &lit.
1 LIKE IT OR LUMP IT – why is it the “penultimate offer”?
3 (ONES GAL)* – AL SEGNO, literally “to the sign” and used to indicate that a performer should continue playing to a point elsewhere in the score marked by a sign.
4 [-j]AZZ in COW<,K – WAZZOCK is a great word but it doesn’t look like an easy one to clue so I think Punk has done well here.
14 TRAD in RAGE – “clothes” is a verb rather rather than a noun and functions as a containment indicator. A well-worded clue like this one though makes this hard to spot.
19 NO PARTS (going up)
23 hidden in “distresseD HOT Inside”

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Independent on Sunday 947 by Quixote (06 Apr 2008)

Posted by nmsindy on 10th April 2008


Solving time 13 mins. A long quote which might have made all the difference as I knew it and entered it first time round.

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Guardian 24359/Arachne – take a gander at this

Posted by ilancaron on 10th April 2008


A clue or two hinting that the setter is a woman. Which I knew already. I wonder a bit about 16D and I think I’m right about 11D (a first for me recognizing cockney rhyming slang if I am).

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Azed 1870

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 10th April 2008


Solving time 27 mins without books, then about 20 mins with Chambers to clear up the resulting mess.

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Financial Times 12,728 by Cinephile — What the Dickens?

Posted by Pete Maclean on 10th April 2008

Pete Maclean.

Cinephile frequently does themed puzzles and works his themes in many different ways. Here we have the gentlest of themes: three clues that refer to the Dickens novel “The Old Curiosity Shop”.

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