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Independent 6710/Phi

Posted by John on 18th April 2008


The usual sound and enjoyable stuff from Phi – there don’t seem to be many novels here and I wonder if I’m missing anything. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24366/Shed – 20V

Posted by ilancaron on 18th April 2008


A couple of unfamiliar words had me scurrying to the dictionary, e.g. PSITTACOSIS and I’m still not sure about a wordplay or two. Par for the course. Updated based on comments.

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Independent 6705/Morph

Posted by neildubya on 18th April 2008


Excellent puzzle from Morph with a theme that must be close to the heart of many a crossword solver: 10A. The ones I recognised were 4a,9a,27a,3d,4d,6d and 17d. I think I noticed what was going on around halfway through but it didn’t really help with the rest of the puzzle. The top-left hand corner in particular was proving very stubborn until I got 1a.

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Inquisitor 67 – Dissent by Hypnos

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 18th April 2008


Solving time: ages!

This was a classic example of the kind of themed puzzle for which solver A can spot the theme instantly and have the whole thing done in an hour or two, and solver B can grind away for hours before the penny drops. This time, I was definitely solver B! I should have read the title and preamble carefully, and then considered anniversaries. This might have helped me to remember that the first CND march to Aldermaston took place in 1958 (which I knew within a year or two). I would then have seen that Aldermaston was a destination with the right number of letters.

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