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Independent 6713/Punk – Rubbish

Posted by John on April 22nd, 2008


Well not really; rather good, as I have come to expect from Punk. At first he seemed rather difficult and unsatisfactory, but increasingly nowadays I enjoy his well-constructed crosswords.

1 RHUBARB. There are three clues of this sort (1ac, 7dn, 22dn, all identical) and I don’t like them. Perhaps it’s just me, for when the other day I grumbled about a similar thing in The Times nobody came out in my support. The problem is that one can’t work out the definition and the subsidiary indication: OK ‘nonsense’ is ‘rhubarb’ and that’s the definition, but how can ‘edible’ be seen either as a second definition or as a provider of wordplay?
5 (h)OL(D)STER
10 NU TRIT(I)ON. Nice definition (consuming science).
11 H(OT)AIR. The musical Hair lives on long past its sell-by date.
12 INDECENT – (dine)* cent
14 PRISMATIC – (a script I’m)*
15 OMEN – with no men you might be said to be defenceless
19 cRUDEness
20 A DU(L THO’ O(btain))D
25 FI(E)ST A
27 BO(LIVIA)NO. Had never heard of it but it was obviously something like this and I have to admit I looked it up, to find that the poverty campaigner was Bono not Bolivar.
28 STIFF – 2 mngs
30 HAW KEY E(ngland). Punk I know follows cricket. I wonder how many who don’t follow cricket or tennis have heard of Hawk-Eye?
1 R(HYTH(e))M presumably, although RM for ‘sailors’ seems wrong: the Royal Marines aren’t sailors but soldiers serving on board ship. Ref ‘I Got Rhythm‘ by Gershwin
2 UNTUTORED – (nut rude to)*
3 A BSc I’S SA – the x-co-ordinate in the Cartesian plane (maths)
4 BUNK – 2 mngs
5 O S((clarine)T)ENSIBLE
7 TRIPE. And another thing: it seems a bit doubtful to me to have three clues that have exactly the same wording (‘Edible nonsense’), only differing in the number of letters in their answer.
8 RINGTONE – (nitrogen)*. I liked the fact that Punk didn’t use a question mark.
16 MOONSHINE – 2 mngs
18 CHAIN SAW – “Sane chore”
21 OLIVIA – (oil)* via
22 WAFFLE. And yet another thing: the best clues seem to me to give precise answers. Until one gets the checking letters, this could be any of WAFFLE, HUMBUG, GAMMON, and possibly others.
24 BIL(G)E
26 TOSH – s in (hot)rev.

5 Responses to “Independent 6713/Punk – Rubbish”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I thought this was a great fun puzzle by PUNK. Can’t agree with you re the ‘edible nonsense’ as they’re all confirmed by crossing letters and, indeed, were the highlight of the puzzle for me. And, also, as with Virgilius, puzzles don’t have to be hard to be good.

  2. Quixote says:

    Funny how Punk and I (as Pasquale)today have managed to deal with the x-axis and y-axis between us.

  3. neildubya says:

    I think you have to look at the “edible nonsense” clues as (sort of) cryptic defs rather than as yer standard “def+wordplay” type of affair. Maybe.

    Anyway, I liked them and indeed the whole puzzle. Agree with you about 30 though.

  4. Ali says:

    A toughie today I thought. I didn’t have too much bother with the nonsense clues, but struggled with some of the others and needed a little help with BOLIVIANO and PRISMATIC. It didn’t help that I thought that 4D was BULL, being an oblique darts reference! On the subject of pub sports though, I noticed last night that they’re now using Hawk-Eye for the snooker too!

  5. Paul B says:

    I love this compiler, but I also liked the somewhat critical (whilst always friendly) blog.

    That’s my bases covered, I reckon, and to make matters worse I’d like to concur with NMS that the edible nonsenses are all cryptic defs – and very easy ones at that.

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