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Guardian 24370/Brendan – placeholder

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 23rd April 2008

Colin Blackburn.

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Independent 6714/Dac

Posted by neildubya on 23rd April 2008

1 PET,RA – an archeological site in Jordan and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Would “old city” been a fairer definition?
4 (GERMAN IS T)* – great clue, smoothly worded.
10 A in CHIC,NO
11 T,READ,MILL – that’s John Stuart MILL (“of his own free will, on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill”). I think I might have got this a bit quicker had I not thought the definition was “becomes routine”.
14 IN,NY in (TALKS)*,TE – nothing wrong with the clue but I bet there are a few complaints about this phrase. For the non-coffee drinkers, something is SKINNY if it has skimmed milk in it instead of the full-fat version.
17 SAX (“sacks”),OP,(NO THIS)* – SAXOPHONIST. Another top-drawer clue.
19 “mullED WIN”
21 (WHOSE PAST)* – SWEATSHOP. I thought this was great too, especially as “whose past” doesn’t sound like anagram fodder at first.
26 WAKE,FIELD – a novel by Oliver Goldsmith.
4 PIT (“raised”) in MULL,EXES – another fine clue although at the time of solving I couldn’t see where EXES came from. Looking it up, I see that it’s a colloquialism for “expenses”. Not sure why this is “further costs” though rather than just “costs”.
5 SIC – “sick”. “So” is the definition.
8 OD in GOSPORT – I filled this in without really getting the wordplay and it was only later that I saw GOSPORT, which for some reason I thought was up North.
14 CORED in WARS (going up)
15 RIGHT in BEST – some very subtle &lit wording here which makes the clue sound like a straight definition.
20 H in WACK – I didn’t know that “wack” was a scouse word but with W?A?K filled in this wasn’t a problem.
24 SHE – a novel by Rider Haggard.

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