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Independent on Sunday 949 by Quixote (20 Apr 2008)

Posted by nmsindy on 24th April 2008


I found this exceptionally easy – Solving time, 10 mins

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Independent 6715/Eimi – Earning my Spurs

Posted by Ali on 24th April 2008


Blog Number 1 from me, so first things first, hello!

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Guardian 24,371 (Araucaria)

Posted by diagacht on 24th April 2008

1 COPPER: double definition
4 CLEMATIS: M in CLEAT IS. Clematis Vitalba is a wild flower, also known as Old Man’s Beard
9 NORMA: hidden in londoN OR MAnchester. It’s a 19th Century opera by Bellini
10 WOMANKIND: WOMAN + KIND As Eileen points out this is an anagram of MAID KNOWN (kicking myself!)
11,15 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: US State + Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams)
12,6 GLASS MENAGERIE: G LASS (good girl) + MEN + AG + ERIE. A play by Tennessee Williams
13 PEARL FISHERS: PERISHERS (the lost) containing A (adult) and LF (low frequency). An opera by Bizet.
18 ADULT: AD (poster) + ULT (last month)
21 ANDROCLES: AND + anagram of CLOSER. This was the chap who fixed up a wounded lion and domesticated the wild beast
23 STORM CONE: (MC (compere) + ON (performing)) in STORE
1 CENOTAPH: anagram of NOT CHEAP
2 PARENTAL: AREN’T (don’t exist) in PAL
3 ERASE: ERAS + E (entirely to start with)
5 LAMBETH BRIDGE: an actual bridge but also a reference to the Archbishop of Canterbury who living in Lambeth Palace is seen as a bridge to the various member churches of the Anglican Communion
7 TAIWAN: anagram of AIT + WAN
8 SADIST: hidden in iS A DISTinguishing
10 WEST INDIA DOCK: WE + STINK around (AID (reversed) + DOC)
14 LION TAMER: &Lit, although I may have missed something here.
16 EGGSHELL:an EGG’S HELL but also a very thin form of pottery china
18 RANSOM: ROM (read only memory) around ANS
19 SUBORN: attributes, according to the nursery rhyme, of the child born on a Sunday
22 OCHRE: CHORE rewritten so that it is led by the heart! An interesting break with the rules, but I like it.

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Financial Times 12,740 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on 24th April 2008

Pete Maclean.

This puzzle has no fewer than three clues that I lack a complete understanding of: 26A, 5D and 21D. My copy of the paper did not include the clue for 23D and I retrieved it from the FT web site.

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