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Guardian 24,367 (Sat 19 Apr)/Araucaria – Doodah doodah day

Posted by rightback on April 26th, 2008


Solving time: 11:58

The clueing in this puzzle was more ‘down the line’ than normal for Araucaria, I thought. Nothing too obscure either, although a couple where the wordplay helped me out.

3dn and 19/20dn have the same definition (‘in a state’) but there were no cross-clue references in this – all the more surprising, as DOODAH (20dn) is the main bit of the chorus to CAMPTOWN RACES (16dn/9ac), which you’d think was deliberate on the setter’s part.

Music (1ac): Jupiter from Gustav Holst’s suite The Planets.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

5 SIDECAR (double definition)
11 HUM + ANGUINE + A + PIG – I didn’t know ‘anguine’ (meaning ‘of a snake’) or ‘pig’ (= ‘a segment of an orange’).
14 AIR (= ‘melody’) + TIGHT (= ‘one over the eight’)
17 STEELMAN; (MALTESE + N[ame])* – this took a bit of fathoming after stopping the clock. It turns out that Corus is one of the world’s largest steel producers.
21 PRINCIPAL FOCUS; (FOR PUCCINI’S PAL)* – sadly I had to write the letters out to spot this; I’d probably have got it instantly during my GCSEs.
23 LA(C + RIM)OS + O – a musical term.
25 SUSTAIN (double definition)
26 ASHTRAY – “ASTRAY” said with a slur. Another I didn’t get when solving.
1 JERK[in]
3 TIS + WAS – my last entry, having tried to justify ‘Tasman’ for a while.
4 RE + FUG + E
6 DIS + KETT[l]E
7 CHAMP + AGNES + UPPER – nicely split up.
8 REL*G*T**N; ELEG[y] in RATION – this is a sore subject at the moment so no comments on this clue please (unless Leicester ensure safety by beating Sheffield Wednesday this afternoon – not likely, I fear).
12 PER SE + POLIS – I wasn’t familiar with Marlowe’s Tamburlaine or his destination, but the wordplay got me there.
15 OLD CHINA (double wordplay) – this is a bit naughty as there’s no proper definition. The phrase ‘old china’ can mean a mate, but not a former mate.
16/9 CAMPTOWN RACES; CAMP + (C TO ANSWER)* – ‘Plantation song’ because this was originally published in Stephen Foster’s Plantation Melodies.
19/20 ALL OF A DOODAH; (FOOD)* around ADO, all in ALLAH

2 Responses to “Guardian 24,367 (Sat 19 Apr)/Araucaria – Doodah doodah day”

  1. John Ridge says:

    15 I took “former” to indicate that the phrase “old china” is a bit dated, so it is a proper def. No one now says “Wotcher, me old china” – do they?

  2. Andrew says:

    I tend to agree with rightback’s disapproval of 15d. Apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to say about this one, as the lack of comments perhaps indicates: an oddly subdued one for Araucaria, especially as a prize puzzle.

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