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Inquisitor 68 – A Very Big Mistake by Kruger

Posted by Colin Blackburn on April 26th, 2008

Colin Blackburn.

For a blog of the puzzle see Duncan’s comment below. Many thanks Duncan.

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  1. Duncan Shiell says:


    I have a copy and can knock off a blog in the next hour


  2. Duncan Shiell says:

    The p[uzzle was entitled A very big mistake by Kruger

    There were three different treatments of clues and/or answers, equal numbers of each.

    There were 33 clues, so there were 11 occurrences of each type of clue/answer

    a) wordplay with one extra letter
    b) wordplay with one letter missing (these are the most difficult to explain)
    c) single letter misprint in definition

    I am doing this a bit by memory, so I may not get all the clue treatments right. One or two double definitions could be either a) or b)

    Five unclued entries were associated with the theme as follwos:

    11 across – WHITE STAR
    15 across – TITANIC
    38 across – CARPATHIA
    1 down – NEW YORK
    24 down – BRITAIN (I think SOUTHAMPTON might have been better, but presumably Kruger couldn’t fit it in)

    Finally there were 7 adjacent letters to be highlighted as the cause of disaster. Starting in square at the beginning of 26 down, 3 cells up, one cell diagonally up then diagonally down to 3 more vertical cells running down the word ICEBERG was spelt out.

    Clues were solved as follows:


    1 Misprint A heeds/heads : NOBS – NS (partners) around OB (objection) = NOBS (heads)
    5 Wordplay short of P : KEPT – KET (matted wool) = KEPT (took care of)
    12 Misprint R wiles/wires : WIRER – W (wife) and R (right) containing IRE (resentment) = WIRER (he uses wires)
    13 Wordplay short of an I : HOLI – HOL (a means of escape [holiday]) = HOLI (Hindu festival)
    14 Misprint L bout/lout : YOBBO – OB (by the way + BOY young man) all reversed (rejected) = YOBBO (lout)
    16 Extra letter F in word play : OLE – hidden in …..schoOL FEstival……. (can’t quite remember the Scandivanian bit, Olaf?)
    18 Misprint O farm/form : ELSEWISE – anagram (hurt) of EWE LIES and S (special) = ELSEWISE (in another form)
    20 Extra letter U in wordplay : RECURES – anagram (hurt) of RUSE without the U contain E (English) + CUR (dog) = RECURES (gets back)
    22 Wordplay short of R : RICK – PICK (play guitar, without P [practice]) = RICK (strain)
    25 Extra letter T in wordplay : SING – STING (pain) = SING (confess)
    27 Wordplay short of an E : SOLDIER – SIR (teacher) contains OLD (familiar) = SOLDIER (worker)
    28 Wordplay short of an E : CINERAMA – Anagram (developed) of AMRICAN (AMERICAN without E (Head of Engineering) = CINERAMA (3D images)
    31 Extra letter N in wordplay : SRI – R (Reaumur temperature unit) contained within (living in) SIN without the N = SRI (Monsieur in India)
    32 Extra letter T in wordplay : ADVANCE – TAD (a little, without the T) + VAN (carriage) + CE (church) = ADVANCE -= (move forward)
    35 Misprint H ward/hard : SWEAT – anagram of WAS THE leaving out H (Hospital) = SWEAT (hard work)
    36 Misprint N stoke/stone : SEED – SEE (spend time with) + D (penny) = SEED (stone)
    37 Wordplay short of an I : PITTA – anagram of POTATO (without two Os [start of order]) = PITTA (bread)
    39 Misprint N west/nest : DREY – RE about to contained (to invade) DY (Dahomey, old name for Benin) = DREY (squirrel’s nest)
    40 Extra letter E in wordplay : CONN – anagram (at seas) of ONCE + N (north) = CONN (steer)


    2 Extra letter T in wordplay : ORIOLES – OLES (East Europeans, POLES without P) containing (to eat) TRIo (three without T) = ORIOLES (birds)
    3 Wordplay short of an E : BARBE – BARB (horse) = BARBE (Waldensian teacher)
    4 Wordplay short of an E : THROE – THRO (clear) = THROE (Shakesperian word for pain)
    5 Extra letter N in wordplay : KITTLES – KNITTLES (small lines of twisted yarn) = KITTLES (creates)
    6 Extra letter H in wordplay : ETUIS – Anagram (mistakenly) of SHE without the H, conatining (keeps) TUI (honey guide) =ETUIS (small boxes)
    7 Misprint U feel/fuel : PEAT – P(power) +EAT (destroy) = PEAT (fuel)
    8 Wordplay short of an N : ATONIC – Anagram (wild) of COATI = ATONIC (relaxed)
    9 Misprint D lana/land : MALI – ISLAM (religion without S [sabbath]) reversed (rejected) = MALI (African country)
    10 Wordplay short of an R : PRICE – SPICE (for example, mace) without S (shilling) = PRICE (cost of)
    17 Wordplay short of an E : RUNE – RUN (diffuse) = RUNE (spell)
    19 Wordplay short of aa D : WIDE – WISE (Scottish word for guide without S (succeeded)) = WIDE (wily)
    21 Extra letter A in wordplay : SOMEWHY – Anagram (haphazardly) of HE MAY SOW = SOMEWHY (for one reason or another)
    23 Misprint N wail/nail : KIN (catty) containing (about) TARE (weight) reversed = KERATIN (substance in tusks and nails)
    26 Extra letter D in wordplay : INVERT – anagram (out) of T (tenor) and DRIVEN = INVERT (homosexual)
    28 Misprint T boar/boat : CASCO – CA (Central America) + S (Southern) + CO (Columbia) = CASCO (boat/barge)
    29 Extra letter W in wordplay : ACUTE – WATER (rain without R [right]) containing (drenched by) CU (copper)= ACUTE (keen)
    30 Misprint E jolly/jelly : ASPIC – A (second letter of sailor) +SPIC (a member of a Mediterranean race) = ASPIC (jelly)
    31 Extra letter L in wordplay : SETTO – LETT (Latvian) contained in (engaged in) SO (such an) = SET TO (argument)
    33 Misprint V liking/living : DEAD – HEAD (place of honour with D [diamonds] for H [hearts]) = DEAD (not living)
    34 Extra letter E in wordplay : NEAR – RAN (slipped) reversed (back) = NEAR (almost)

    If that is an even number of each clue/answer treatment then I will be amazed, but you get the idea I’m sure.

    There’s probably the odd typo in here as well – sorry!

  3. duncanshiell says:

    I obviously can’t count – there were 39 clues – 13 of each.

    On reflection, I think the last one 34d is an example of a letter short (E) which gives 13 of each type.

    Still struggling to remember exactly how I got OLE for 16 across, although at the time I think I satisfied my self that OLE was right.

    I would be a grateful for a full explanation from anyone who has one.

    Is OLE a common Scandinavian Christian Name? (I can’t find it in Chambers, but I have vague memories of knowing some Oles in the past)

  4. manehi says:

    Footballer Ole Gunnar Solskjær comes to mind – Norwegian, I believe.

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